Anna Duggar leaves courthouse looking distraught following Josh Duggar’s guilty verdict

Anna Duggar in a 19 Kids and Counting episode.
Anna Duggar left the Arkansas courthouse alone following Josh Duggar’s guilty verdict. Pic credit: TLC

Anna Duggar attended court this morning alongside her husband, Josh Duggar, as they awaited his child pornography trial verdict. 

After the jury returned a double guilty verdict, Josh was taken into custody and will remain there until sentencing. 

This left Anna to leave the courthouse alone. It’s unclear whether she was prepared in case this could happen, but she was caught by surprise based on the photos of her leaving. 

Anna Duggar looks distant while leaving courthouse 

Earlier this morning, Josh Duggar was convicted of two counts of child pornography charges. One count for possession and one count for receiving images. Following the reading of the verdict, he was whisked away by the US Marshals. 

Anna Duggar was spotted leaving alone. She was walking ahead of some of the Duggar family members, including Justin Duggar and Hilary Spivey, visible in the photos from outside the Arkansas courthouse. 

Her hands were clasped together, looking like she was wringing them while playing with her wedding ring. The look in her eyes is distant, as now the reality that Josh may not come back home to her and the children is beginning to set in. 

Anna Duggar leaves Arkansas courthouse.
Pic credit: Backgrid

What will happen to Anna Duggar and the seven children she shares with Josh Duggar?

Ahead of Josh Duggar’s April arrest, Anna Duggar purchased a mobile home on some land from Jim Bob Duggar. She will likely move there with her children unless she chooses to go back to the warehouse on the Duggar property. 

Since May, she has spent time with Josh Duggar as he resided with Lacount and Maria Reber, who were his court-appointed guardians. Anna was spotted several times at their property, and now, she won’t be able to see her husband outside of prison. 

Josh and Anna share seven children together, with their littlest one, Madyson Lily Duggar, born back in October. It’s unclear how she will manage to support her children as she has always been the homemaker while Josh worked outside of the home. 

There hasn’t been a statement released from Anna Duggar, and there likely won’t be any time soon. She has remained silent throughout Josh Duggar’s legal issues. Anna didn’t even update social media until it was time to announce Madyson’s birth

A better picture of what to expect from Anna Duggar will come into place in the coming days. Where she ends up remains to be seen, but she is on her own with her children now as Josh Duggar remains behind bars until his sentencing.

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