Anna Duggar trolled for naming daughter Madyson after Josh Duggar’s 2015 Ashley Madison scandal

Anna Duggar confessional.
Anna Duggar revealed her seventh child is named Madyson Lily. Pic credit: TLC

Did Josh and AnnaDuggar troll all of the Duggar critics by naming their seventh child Madyson?

If that wasn’t their intention, they missed the mark. Counting On fans are talking about the name choice and the link to Josh’s 2015 Ashley Madison scandal.

There was a lot of hype surrounding when Anna would reveal the baby girl’s name and when she was born. The former reality TV star recently gave followers all of that info, confirming that Madyson was born nearly a month ago.

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Critics wonder if name choice was a nod to Ashley Madison

Social media platforms have been buzzing about Anna and Josh Duggar choosing Madyson as their daughter’s name. There are so many “M” name choices, and yet, they went with this one.

One popular TikToker shared the news of Madyson’s arrival with her followers, and from there, the debate about using Madyson and the Ashley Madison scandal.

One follower wondered, “I’m curious if she chose that spelling specifically to separate it from ashley madison”

The creator responded with, “Probably but did it work [laughing/crying face emoji]”

Comments about Madyson on TikTok.
Pic credit: @notaduggartiktoker/TikTok

Another follower was blown away by the connection, saying, “Now waiiiiit a damn minute!! I did not even THINK of that correlation [shocked emoji]”

One more just couldn’t deal, writing, “LMAOOOO I CAN’T WITH THIS COMMENT [several laughing/crying emojis]”

TikTok comments about Madyson Duggar.
Pic credit: @notaduggartiktoker/TikTok

What was the 2015 Ashley Madison scandal?

Josh Duggar made headlines in 2015 for back-to-back scandals. First, it was revealed he had inappropriately touched several of his sisters a decade prior. That bombshell cost the Duggars their show, 19 Kids and Counting, and thrust all of their dirty laundry into the spotlight.

Just a few weeks later, it came out that Josh had two accounts at the Ashley Madison website. A hack revealed the customers, and the 19 Kids and Counting star was on the list. That was the straw that broke the camel’s back when it came to Josh and the Duggars.

Anna Duggar was pregnant with Meredith at the time, and his issues caused a world of hurt for the whole family. Josh was sent to a faith-based rehab center in Rockford, Illinois, for several months. During that time, Counting On was born. It began with statements from the girl, and Anna, about what happened with Josh in their lives, and from there, it turned into what it was until it was canceled earlier this year.

Now, Josh Duggar will head to trial at the end of the month to face the two counts of child pornography charges he was arrested on back in April.

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Ms Johnson
Ms Johnson
4 months ago

OMG I was just going to compliment Ashley Duggar for her kindness, but nevermind! Another sicko!