Amy Duggar King reacts to Josh Duggar guilty verdict, ‘Thank you Jesus, Justice has been served’

Amy Duggar King in a 19 Kids and Counting confessional.
Amy Duggar King reacts to Josh Duggar’s guilty verdict. Pic credit: TLC

Amy Duggar King isn’t staying quiet now that Josh Duggar has been found guilty on child pornography charges.

The Duggar cousin has been vocal throughout the week-long trial, often throwing subtle shade and wishing for “justice” to be served.

It has been inferred that Amy was skeptical of Josh’s innocence as many other family members stood by him. Anna Duggar attended court daily with her husband and remained by his side even after his April arrest.

What did Amy Duggar King say about Josh’s guilty verdict?

On Twitter, Amy Duggar King decided to throw out everything she was thinking following the revelation that her cousin, Josh Duggar, was found guilty of possessing and receiving child pornography.

She wrote, “May the juror’s and Judge Brooks seek healing / counseling from all that was exposed to them. May the children grow up with real Godly men as father figures who will guide and protect them. May the people who were once in disbelief have their eyes opened for the first time.”

Amy Duggar King's tweet about Josh's guilt.
Pic credit: @amyduggar/Twitter

Amy continued with another tweet, “May the daughters who were abused feel validated. You are truly beautiful and worthy of love. May there be intense counseling / healing. May there be wisdom for all those involved on how to move forward. Thank you Jesus. Justice has been served.”

Amy Duggar Josh guilty tweet
Pic credit: @amyduggar/Twitter

The daughters Amy mentioned refer to her cousins, Josh’s sisters. He touched a few of them inappropriately when he was a teenager. That news broke in 2015, making it public knowledge almost a decade after it happened. Jill Duggar and Jessa Duggar both discussed their version of the stories, and that’s how Counting On was born following 19 Kids and Counting’s cancellation.

Will Amy Duggar King speak out more about the Duggars?

Currently, Amy Duggar King is working on breaking the NDA she signed. She has voiced her concerns and threw shade at her famous family, but there is certainly more she’d like to say without fear of a lawsuit.

Duggar critics and followers have called for her to come forward, but with the legal document in place, she faces being sued if she does speak out. Amy has been honest about how she feels about some of the things happening within her family, and her viewpoints on the IBLP have never been sugarcoated.

Now that Josh Duggar was found guilty, he was remanded into custody as he awaits sentencing, and Amy Duggar King is vocalizing her sympathies for the jury, judge, and victims all around.

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