Anna Duggar slammed by Duggar critics as she continues to stand by Josh

Anna Duggar in a Counting On confessional.
Anna Duggar is standing by her man. Pic credit: TLC

Anna Duggar remains by Josh Duggar’s side as he stands trial on child pornography charges.

She has continued to stand by her man throughout his various scandals, including his infidelity in 2015.

The two discussed the molestation of his sisters and a family friend ahead of tying the knot, and when she discussed that for her confessionals on Jill & Jessa: Counting On, her comments were cringy at best.

Now, Duggar critics are taking aim at Anna and her blind loyalty to Josh.

Duggar critcs call out Anna Duggar’s support of Josh

As Josh Duggar continues to stand trial, Anna Duggar remains in the courtroom’s front row. She has shown up, walking hand-in-hand with him, every day since the pretrial began last week.

Social media has lit up with critiques of Anna, especially given the seriousness of what Josh is charged with.

One critic tweeted, “I don’t know how Anna Duggar could live with let alone have her children sleep around that disgusting pig of a person she calls her husband. She’s disgusting too.”

Tweet about Anna Duggar.
Pic credit: @Mystical441/Twitter

Another said, “Wow, it’s SICK that you would stick by your husband after what we’ve learned. I hope CPS places your kids in a safe home.”

Anna Duggar tweet 2.
Pic credit: @bigbrotherdar/Twitter

Yet another critic tweeted, “I find it so gross seeing Anna Duggar walk in the court holding Josh’s hands…. You have children, little girls, and you can still stand by him after everything coming out in court ??? No ew no not okay”

Tweet about Anna Duggar.
Pic credit: @eliz_tedder/Twitter

Josh Duggar trial update

As day four of testimony is underway, Bobye Holt took the witness stand. She had testified at the pretrial hearing last week, and the prosecution called her again today.

Anna Duggar sat in the front row as Bobye told the court about the confessions Josh Duggar had told her about the molestation of four young girls. This happened when he was a teenager, over two decades ago, but was permitted into evidence in his child pornography trial.

Jill Duggar and Jedidiah Duggar are also on the list of possible witnesses to testify, though they have not yet taken the stand. Derick Dillard has been in court for some of the testimony so far, along with Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth.

The trial is supposed to last for a few more days, and then, the verdict will come down on whether Josh Duggar is guilty. Until then, Anna Duggar will remain by her husband’s side and at the center of high criticism for showing him support.

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Elaine House
Elaine House
11 months ago

They should criticize jim bob and michelle too for sticking by and supporting josh. Jim bob lied on hos behalf under oath

11 months ago

It’s bad enough all the betrayal josh has done to his wife, but she keeps having babies that will grow up with the stigma of being his children. God never requires Christians to stay in abusive marriages.

Cheryl seroka
11 months ago
Reply to  GiGi

She probably was threatened by him

sheila Freund
sheila Freund
11 months ago

That cult they belong to has not read the part of the Bible where Jesus said adultery is not acceptable? SO Sad! Anna should be seeking a divorce attorney on the grounds of Marital infidelity.

11 months ago

I find it disgusting that Anna is not seeing the light. I think Anna needs to get help mentally! I feel they are “cult-like” not at a true religion that knows right from wrong. Anna should have stopped having children and who knows, maybe hubby touched on of her kids!!!!! Josh has done too many things to be able to say he is innocent. If they know anything about pedophiles, they nerve change. Very few are cured. They need to stop living in “lala land” and realize Josh has a sexual sickness. I think Anna’s children should be taken away since she is not in the right mind to make good decisions. I think this stems all from the dad and mother. They tried to say they were Christians, but far from it. Own it people! I feel sorry for all the duggar grandchildren! They were born into a cult-like sickness atmosphere. I think they should be off the air and not make any more money!