Chelsea Houska says she doesn’t miss being on Teen Mom 2 and has no regrets

Chelsea Houska formerly of Teen Mom 2
Former Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska said she doesn’t miss being on the show Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 alum Chelsea Houska admitted that she doesn’t miss being on the show anymore and has no regrets when it comes to appearing on the series.

When it comes to being part of the cast of her former show, Chelsea revealed that she’s happy about stepping away from the franchise.

Chelsea left Teen Mom 2 after 10 seasons

Chelsea shared her life with MTV viewers for 10 seasons and almost 11 years.

Chelsea’s Teen Mom 2 journey began when she was pregnant with her eldest daughter, Aubree, whom she shares with ex-boyfriend Adam Lind.

The 29-year-old mom of four also shares son Watson, and daughters Layne and Walker with her husband, Cole DeBoer.

Chelsea announced her departure from Teen Mom 2 during taping for the reunion episode of Season 10A.

Upon her departure from the franchise, Chelsea was replaced by the latest addition to the cast, Ashley Jones.

Chelsea, her husband Cole, and their kids were taking a road trip when the former MTV star asked her followers to “ask her a question.”

Chelsea doesn’t miss being on Teen Mom 2

When one of Chelsea’s fans asked her, “Do you miss being on Teen Mom yet[?]” she answered with a facial gesture.

Chelsea mouthed the word, “No,” while she shook her head from side to side, clearly not missing her spot on Teen Mom 2.

Another fan had a question for Chelsea regarding her tenure with Teen Mom 2 and asked the former MTV star, “Biggest regret going on teen mom looking back?”

Chelsea used a GIF to do the talking, which read, “NO RAGRETS.”

Since leaving Teen Mom 2, Chelsea and Cole have settled in their new home in South Dakota and continue to promote their diaper bag line with Itzy Ritzy, along with their home build and design company, Down Home DeBoers, and home decor line, Aubree Says.

Fans weren’t exactly pleased with Chelsea and Cole’s prices nor quality for their diaper bag line, however, slamming the couple for their products being too pricey for the quality.

Another burning question that often comes from Chelsea’s fans is whether or not she and Cole plan on adding to their large family.

Are Chelsea and Cole planning on expanding their family?

“This is the most asked question that we always, always get – if we’re going to have more kids,” Chelsea told the camera on her Instagram stories.

She turned to Cole, who was driving, and asked him, “Do we think we’re gonna have more kids?”

“I would say we don’t think we’re going to have more,” Chelsea added before Cole chimed in, “But you know if we do, we do.”

“Who knows?” Chelsea added.

Since Chelsea’s departure from Teen Mom 2 and the addition of Ashley Jones to the cast, ratings for the show have plummeted. Teen Mom 2 viewers have expressed that they aren’t happy with where the show was headed with the new cast.

It looks like a lot of Teen Mom 2 viewers aren’t feeling Ashley Jones and are missing Chelsea’s presence on the show. Though many viewers are looking for more drama on Teen Mom 2, maybe they miss Chelsea’s wholesome demeanor just as much.

Teen Mom 2 airs on Tuesdays at 8/7c on MTV.

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