Ashley Jones not trying to replace Chelsea Houska as she joins Teen Mom 2 cast

Ashley Jones on Young + Pregnant
Ashley Jones clarified that she’s not trying to replace Chelsea Houska on Teen Mom 2. Pic credit: MTV

Teen Mom 2 newcomer Ashley Jones has clarified that she has no intentions of trying to replace Chelsea Houska.

During an interview with InTouch, Ashley opened up about her new role on the show after Chelsea parted ways with the franchise.

While Ashley admitted to feeling some pressure to fill Chelsea’s shoes, she “would never” want to replace Houska.

“First of all, I like to say that I’m not a replacement. I am just an addition,” Jones said. “Chelsea has bared her soul on this show for years, and I would never want to replace her. You know what I’m saying? She’s irreplaceable, there’s no one that can replace that.”

“And I’m just honored to be a part of something,” she continued. “Now I feel like Chelsea’s not gone or forgotten. She’s just moved on to bigger and better things. And I feel like that’s the point.”

Ashley shares where she stands with her former cast mates

As Ashley was about to join the cast of Teen Mom 2, she recently shaded her former cast mates from Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant.

During an Instagram Q & A before the new season, a fan asked Ashley what made her decide to make the jump to Teen Mom 2.

“I always said that I felt a special connection with YP because that is where I started and where I wanted to finish,” she said.

“After the last reunion and a few other situations played out, I no longer felt that connection or need to hold on. So when the opportunity presented itself this time around, I took it.”

At the reunion, things became so intense between her and her former cast mates that security had to be called to remove Ashley from the stage.

Despite her initial shade, Ashley admitted she is in a better place with her former co-stars.

“Me and my Young and Pregnant costars, we are on, definitely, a better ground now,” she said. “I’m appreciative of that.”

Kail Lowry welcomes Ashley to the cast of Teen Mom 2

While she may have had a rocky relationship with her former cast, the women of her new cast have offered a warm welcome to Ashley, particularly Teen Mom 2 alum Kail Lowry.

In a post sharing a preview of the new season, Kail wrote, “I forget what I filmed this season, but I’m excited to see how it’s edited. Welcome [Ashley Jones] to the cast!”

Fans will get to know Ashley and catch up with their Teen Mom 2 favorites when the new season premieres Tuesday night.

Teen Mom 2 returns on Tuesday, May 4 at 8/7c on MTV.

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