Big Brother spoilers: Who is the new HOH on BB23 cast for final four?

Alyssa Lopez BB23 Cast
Alyssa Lopez will get to help decide the Big Brother 23 winner this summer. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother spoilers will come from the live feeds tonight when we learn who has won the Head of Household Competition for the final four.

The live feeds will be down until the West Coast has been able to watch the Double Eviction episode.

This article will serve as a live blog and relay the information as soon as it has become available. So, make sure to come on by for those overnight Big Brother spoilers.

By becoming the final four HOH, that person guarantees themselves a spot in the final three, taking a huge step toward possibly winning the $750,000 prize this season.

Big Brother spoilers: Road to the final four Head of Household

If the feeds do stay down until after the West Coast has viewed the September 16 episode, then it will be just after 10 p.m. PT / 1 a.m. ET on Thursday night that information becomes available again. This is provided that they don’t wait until Friday (September 17) to play the HOH. Either way, we will share all of the details.

There aren’t many Big Brother episodes left on the schedule, showing how close we are to learning the BB23 winner. Ahead of that, Da’Vonne Rogers picked who she wants to win AFP this summer.

Big Brother final four HOH coming soon

The Double Eviction just ended for East Coast and Central viewers, and here is a full recap of Episode 31 for any readers who want to see what took place.

We are now in a holding pattern for the return of the Big Brother live feeds, where we will learn who has become the Head of Household. Meanwhile, Big Brother fans are already going nuts on social media about what just happened on the show.

Update: The live feeds are turned back on already, following the East Coast viewing. Derek F is cutting potatoes with Kyland. Azah is in bed. Xavier not shown yet.

Derek F and Kyland are going over dates that events happened. Derek said if Azah wins POV that she is not taking him. This likely means either Kyland or Xavier won the HOH.

It has been surprising that the feeds are back on, but it has not become obvious at all about what stage of the game they are in. The HOH Competition and nominations are going to be shown during the Friday night episode (September 17), so it’s possible that all took place already. But no confirmation has been given as of 7:33 p.m. PT (house time).

Update 2: Xavier Prather is comfortably on the HOH bed by himself. It may be safe to assume that Xavier is the new HOH.

Below is a tweet that shows off what the final four houseguests are doing:

Big Brother 23 airs on CBS during Summer 2021.

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2 years ago

So do you play “Big Brother” or do you play “Your Cause”? I always liked this show because you played “Big Brother”. This season was not “Big Brother”. This season was “Play Your Cause”.

2 years ago

Now all will see x should of be kicked along time ago.
But you will see how they attack each other. Now if anyone
Else was in the house you would vote out a threat and keep
Someone you can beat.

2 years ago

Yes. Play big brother not a cause. Ladies were lead to
The slaughter and we’re brain washed for the “cause”

2 years ago

Big brother is a game which sees no color. It is a game of persuasion,
Strategic moves and mental physical/ability. It crosses all human barriers
And is inclusive of all personalities and beliefs. CBS forced this out come
By stacking the players who were able to do what they did. We’ll
See in the future how this winner plays against winners of the past.