Big Brother live feeds down: Some Big Brother fans not pleased

Hannah BB23 Final Six Nom
Hannah Chaddha ended up on the block as a final six nominee on Big Brother 23. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother live feeds are down and it’s going to be a while until subscribers can see the members of the BB23 cast again.

CBS has turned off the feeds, possibly indicating that something is going to be taped that they don’t want fans to know about yet.

Each season, the feeds do go down around the final week of the season for a bit, but this is a tad earlier than usual. In instances like this, it usually leads to an eviction taking place behind the scenes. Could that happen here as well?

There have also been several Big Brother rumors floating around about someone getting a chance to get back in the game, so anything is possible over the next few days.

Could someone get evicted and then have a chance to get themselves back into the game? We will have to stay tuned to find out.

Big Brother live feeds down for two days

“Heads up, BB fans! The live feeds are currently down and will be back up after the West Coast airing of tomorrow’s live eviction episode. And don’t forget, a brand new #BB23 is coming your way tonight at 8/7c on @CBS,” reads a new message posted online.

This means that two episodes are going to take place before we get to see the BB23 cast on the feeds again, and that includes the big Double Eviction coming up on September 16.

BB Feeds Announcement
An announcement was made about BB feeds being down. Pic credit: @CBSBigBrother/Twitter

Some Big Brother fans try to manifest outcomes while feeds are down

Immediately after the announcement was made about the feeds being down, quite a few Big Brother fans started posting on social media about how they want the house to look when the show comes back. A lot of Big Brother fans are also trying to manifest what might take place over the next two days that lead to a desirable final four.

There were also people who were upset that it could be the last time of seeing Tiffany Mitchell on the Big Brother feeds this year if she doesn’t find a way to save herself before the Double Eviction begins. Kyland Young targeted her as the new HOH and during the last episode of Big Brother 23, we saw her going up on the block.

More news and notes for Big Brother 23

Even though the live feeds are down, there is still a lot of Big Brother left to play this summer. Here is an updated list of Big Brother episodes for the rest of September and fans need to know that two Friday episodes are coming up. Times for other nights have been shifted for Survivor 41 to premiere this fall.

There are also some interesting new Big Brother rumors stating everyone in the top five gets a cash prize this summer. And don’t forget that the winner takes home a cool $750,000 for becoming the BB23 champion.

Big Brother 23 airs on CBS during Summer 2021.

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2 years ago

When they were off this morning but the sound was on. I heard Tiff went home Kyland won POV but I did not hear the new hoh is. Than the sound went off