Big Brother recap: A member of The Cookout takes their shot on BB23

Xavier And Kyland BB23
The Big Brother 23 cast was down to its final six houseguests on the new episode. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 23, Episode 29 has arrived and CBS viewers got to see what took place after the Double Eviction episode.

When last we saw the show, Claire Rehfuss and Alyssa Lopez got evicted from the Big Brother house.

The Cookout had a plan to make it to the final six, but now it was time to find out what happened when only members of The Cookout were left in the house.

Tiffany Mitchell, Kyland Young, Xavier Prather, Hannah Chaddha, Derek Frazier, and Azah Awasum made it to the final six.

Time for a Cookout on Big Brother 23

The episode began with The Cookout celebrating its success. They were all very excited to have made it to this point of the season and they noted that history had been made.

Some footage was also shown with Kyland being very frustrated about going up on the block during the episode and he was holding that against Tiffany and Hannah. We also saw a Diary Room session from Tiffany where she talked about how she would be targeting Xavier as soon as she could. Xavier had a DR session where he wanted her out.

The final six Head of Household Competition

The HOH Competition was a new take on the classic chicken cage challenge, where the competitors were stuck in cages and had to maneuver eggs to their baskets at the end.

The person to win this challenge was going to be the first member of The Cookout to take a shot at the other members. They would also be guaranteed a spot in the final five.

Derek F took a quick lead by knocking down the first of his three levers. Kyland was the next one to knock down a lever. Kyland got the whole thing figured out pretty quickly and though there was some drama sprinkled in, Kyland Young became the final six HOH.

Kyland was acting like he was trying to let Derek F win the HOH Competition, but he won it anyway, making this the third time that he has been the Big Brother 23 Head of Household.

Some important Big Brother nominations

Kyland was in a tough position as the HOH because it meant he would have to take a shot at people he had been aligned with just 24 hours prior. At the same time, he was now in the power position and he got to make some calls.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Kyland put Tiffany and Hannah on the block.

That brings an end to the Big Brother 23, Episode 29 recap, but for readers who want to jump ahead, here is the Power of Veto results for the week.

More news about Big Brother 23

Some interesting Big Brother rumors may reveal cash prizes for all top five finishers. That would be in addition to the stipends that everyone on Big Brother takes home.

Viewers also need to note all of the changes to days and times for upcoming episodes of Big Brother 2021. Here is a list of the remaining episodes on CBS.

Big Brother airs on CBS during Summer 2021.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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