Big Brother spoilers: Who won The Cookout Power of Veto today?

Kyland BB23 Final Six HOH
Kyland Young holds the power as the Head of Household for Big Brother 23 during the final six. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother spoilers coming from the live feeds today reveal who just won The Cookout Power of Veto.

We are calling it that because the only players in the Veto Competition this week are members of The Cookout.

The extremely successful alliance made it all the way to the final six intact, but that’s when they had to start turning on each other in order to make it to the end.

Kyland Young won the final six Head of Household, meaning he would be the first member of The Cookout to really take a shot at someone inside of the alliance.

Kyland then nominated Tiffany Mitchell and Hannah Chaddha for eviction, letting basically everyone know that TIffany was his target and that Hannah was just a pawn for the week.

Who won the final six Power of Veto on Big Brother 23?

There were only really two scenarios where it seemed like Tiffany could survive the week. Tiffany either needed to win the Power of Veto herself or have Azah Awasum win the POV and then use it to take her off of the block.

The Big Brother feeds were down for most of Saturday, but when they were turned back on, it was revealed that Kyland won the Power of Veto. He was shown wearing the POV Necklace and everyone was in their BB Comics outfits.

This means that Kyland now has control over his nominations when the Veto Ceremony takes place on Monday. He can keep things the same or really shake things up. The control is now in his hands.

Looking forward to what’s to come for the BB23 cast

There aren’t many episodes left for the BB23 cast on the CBS schedule. It means there isn’t much time left for the BB23 jury to make a decision on who is going to win the $750,000 prize this summer.

Upcoming jury segments that include Sarah Beth Steagall and Claire Rehfuss should be very interesting to watch. They, along with Britini D’Angelo, Derek Xiao, and Alyssa Lopez, will start debating who they think has played the best game this summer.

At some point, four members of The Cookout are also going to be sent to the jury house, but will they end up being bitter jurors? The BB23 jury roundtable is going to make for some very interesting television, so, hopefully, the producers of the show bring in someone up to the task of hosting it this summer.

Fans debating The Cookout on Big Brother 23

Outside of the Big Brother house, a lot of fans are debating whether or not The Cookout is racist. It has consumed a lot of social media discussions and continues to be a hot topic among fans of the show. That isn’t likely to end soon, even as one member of The Cookout gets very close to being named the Big Brother 23 winner.

Big Brother 23 airs on CBS during Summer 2021.

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