Big Brother recap: Double Eviction tears apart The Cookout

BB23 Double Eviction 2
Xavier Prather wants to win Big Brother 23 to help out his family. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 23, Episode 31 was marked by the second Double Eviction of the summer. It had all the ingredients to be a really exciting episode of the show.

The Cookout got their entire alliance to the final six, but then they had to start turning on each other.

Kyland Young won the Head of Household Competition and then he put Tiffany Mitchell and Hannah Chaddha on the block.

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Kyland also won the Power of Veto, and he decided to keep the nominations the same because he wanted Tiffany out and felt Hannah would try to save her.

Big Brother 23, Episode 31 recap: The Cookout is no more

Host Julie Chen Moonves welcomed us to the night and looked to pump up the audience about two members of The Cookout getting sent to the BB23 jury by the end of the night.

We then saw a Diary Room session of Kyland speaking about not using the Power of Veto. Hannah was up right after him, talking about how she understood the move, but that she was disheartened that it meant either herself or Tiffany was done.

Tiffany had a DR session as well, where she mentioned that she felt she still had a chance to stay in the house. She had a lot of work to do because Xavier Prather and Derek Frazier appeared to be gunning for her. She later talked about being proud that an African-American winner would come from the Big Brother 23 season.

Getting to know The Cookout

A number of segments were used to show the members of The Cookout chatting with each other and talking about life inside and outside of Big Brother.

Tiffany had a long chat with Hannah about how she didn’t really get to play her own game because she wanted to succeed in the bigger goal of having a Black winner this season. It makes a good point that Tiffany would be a good person to invite back for a future All-Stars season.

Kyland and Xavier had a segment where they talked about planning a guy’s trip and intentionally left out Derek F to get him to react from the other room. It worked and it was amusing to see them poke at his ego.

Xavier was shown speaking to Kyland, where he talked about his brother dying in April and that he wanted to win money to take care of his nephew (brother’s son).

Julie was then shown speaking with The Cookout and congratulated them on their successful mission of making it to the final six and that they had guaranteed an African-American winner would emerge from the BB23 cast.

Sarah Beth, Claire, and Alyssa arrive at the BB23 jury house

Derek Xiao and Britini D’Angelo were shown chatting at the jury house when Sarah Beth Steagall arrived. She talked about how it was “tough to take” that she was evicted and that she was “disappointed” and “embarrassed” in herself. She then shared the video showing how she was evicted.

We got to see some fun chatter between the trio in the BB23 jury house as well. They figured out that The Cookout was working toward a particular goal, and while they understood, they were clearly disappointed to be left out of it all.

Later, we got to see as Claire Rehfuss and Alyssa Lopez also arrived at the jury house. They shared their stories about eviction as well, with quotes like “intense” and “eye-opening” used to describe how they were sent packing.

The first eviction of the Big Brother night

Tiffany Mitchell and Hannah Chaddha were on the block for the first Eviction Ceremony of the night.

Derek Frazier voted to evict Tiffany, Xavier Prather voted to evict Tiffany, and Azah Awasum also voted to evict Tiffany. By a vote of 3-0, Tiffany became the sixth member of the BB23 jury.

Tiffany met with Julie Chen Moonves for a bit and answered some questions, but her extended interview will be shared later.

Julie then let the houseguests know it was going to be a Double Eviction. This meant they would play a week’s worth of Big Brother before sending someone else to the BB23 jury.

New Head of Household Competition

Azah, Xavier, Derek F, and Hannah played in an HOH Competition that involved rolling balls and knocking other balls of individual courses. It was done in two rounds.

Xavier and Azah won in round one to face off in round two. The winner would become the new Head of Household.

Azah won the Head of Household Competition and a guaranteed spot in the final four.

Who did Azah nominate for eviction?

Azah nominated Xavier and Hannah for eviction. Neither one was happy about the choices. Azah told Hannah that she was safe because Kyland was going to vote out Xavier. It’s possible that millions of Big Brother fans groaned at the thought that Azah might have actually believed what she was saying.

Who won the Power of Veto during Double Eviction?

Everyone got to play for the Power of Veto and it was done through a series true/false questions. The person to answer the most correctly would win the Power of Veto.

They needed a tiebreaker between Xavier and Kyland to decide the winner. Kyland won the Power of Veto on the tiebreaker.

Kyland saved Xavier from the block with the Power of Veto. Azah then put Derek F on the block next to Hannah.

A second Big Brother eviction of the night

Kyland and Xavier voted to evict Hannah, making her the seventh member of the BB23 jury.

Hannah went out to meet with Julie before the episode came to an end. She was pretty shellshocked about it all, especially since Azah had placed her on the block. She did say that she was proud that there will be a Black winner of BB23.

No new HOH was crowned before the episode came to an end.

We have a live Big Brother blog that will reveal HOH results as soon as they come in through the live feeds.

Big Brother 23 airs on CBS during Summer 2021.

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