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Big Brother jury house interview for Tiffany Mitchell released

Tiffany On BB23 Jury
Tiffany Mitchell became the sixth member of the Big Brother 23 jury. Pic credit: CBS

Tiffany Mitchell may be living in the Big Brother jury house now, but she will play a big part on finale night.

The members of the BB23 jury — all nine of them — will get to vote for the Big Brother 23 winner. That person will then go home with a nice $750,000 prize.

We will also find out who has won America’s Favorite Houseguest on finale night, where TIffany is one of the contenders.

Now, Tiffany has a new jury house interview, where she answers some more questions about her time in the game.

Tiffany Mitchell jury house interview

“As the sixth houseguest to enter jury, that means I am the first member of The Cookout to be evicted from the house, which does not feel good at all. I definitely feel that I deserve to be at least in the top three to four,” Tiffany answered when she was asked how it feels to be the sixth member of the BB23 jury.

Tiffany also tried to find the bright side in being the first member of The Cookout to get to speak with the other BB23 jury members. She also went on to answer a few other new questions, including whether or not she was surprised to get evicted.

More Big Brother spoilers and information

Some very interesting Big Brother spoilers have come out from the live feeds following Kyland Young getting evicted from the house.

Here are the results for Part 1 of the final HOH Competition, which definitely sets the tone for what is going to take place over the next week.

Also, Kyland did an extended Big Brother exit interview where he spoke about not regretting the verbal exchange he had with Xavier Prather on the night he was evicted. That Kyland interview can be watched here.

The Big Brother finale night is coming up on Wednesday, September 29, where we find out the name of the winner. The BB23 cast has certainly created interesting stories to be talked about on the two-hour season finale, which will air after an all-new episode of Survivor 41.

There is also still time for Big Brother fans to vote on the AFH winner, who will take home a nice $50,000 for their troubles this summer.

Stay tuned, because when Kyland arrives at the BB23 jury house, things could get pretty spicy.

Big Brother 23 airs on CBS during Summer 2021.

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  1. this racist POS needs to go away and now. search “2019 big brother first black winner” and you will see all of the usual media suspects claiming and praising the first black winner.. and those same exact media suspects are claiming it once again. um hellooo.. it is mathematically impossible to have a “first time in history” twice.. unless of course we’re talking about african american charter school mathematics that is. what a pathetic joke. See-BS is the new BET/OWN anti-white buffalo soldier hypocritical TV network.

    • African American Charter School Mathematics you say? Funny how you are actually saying racist things and yet calling Big Brother 23 racist. If you don’t like this season, then why’d you post a comment about it unless you are following it. Get a life, hypocrite

      • Buffalo Soldier hypocrites are not immune to accountability and are owed NOTHING. As for the first black winner, first of all, it was the US media, literally the entire media, rejoicing over Tamar Braxton winning BB USA in 2019. Do a search and see for yourself, the headlines in 2019 were the same as they are today in 2021, and I quote: “Tamar Braxton Wins ‘Big Brother,’ Becomes U.S. Version’s First Black Winner”. Not my words, but the words of the the very same media networks that are sensationalizing this absurdity again today. Big Brother is Big Brother is Big Brother, “celebrity” or not, they’re playing the exact same game, same house, same rules, same host and runs every year. Bottom line, it is absolutely ridiculous to claim a first in history twice. Only in America.

        Secondly, Big Brother is not a US show. CBS does not own Big Brother, they license it. If looking at the entire BB franchise history, indeed there have already been hundreds of black winners. Women. Asian. POC. Whites. Gay. All of the above. I personally watched the Canada and Australia versions in 2021, both of which had black winners. Neither of which achieved the win based on any racist alliances, “victim” sympathy votes or even so much as a mention of skin color – they did so on their own individual merit – the way the game is meant to be played.

        NGFYS 13% loser.


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