Big Brother host Julie Chen Moonves talks about Kyland Young, Xavier Prather argument

Kyland BB23 Eviction
Kyland Young finished Big Brother 23 in fourth place. Pic credit: CBS

Julie Chen Moonves is hosting Big Brother 23 this summer, giving her front row seats to the dust-up that took place between Kyland Young and Xavier Prather recently.

The BB23 cast was down to its final four for the Episode 34 Eviction Ceremony when drama broke out on the “live” telecast.

Xavier decided not to use the Power of Veto to save Kyland, instead allowing Derek Frazier to have the only eviction vote of the night.

Derek F. voted out Kyland, leading to Kyland confronting Xavier about not honoring their deal to take each other to the end. During that moment, Kyland also brought up Xavier’s nephew, which didn’t sit well with the lawyer.

It was a tense few moments during the episode as Julie tried to urge Kyland to come out to the stage, and it definitely appeared as though things could get worse if that conversation continued.

As for Kyland, he has done an extended exit interview where he said he does not regret the words he used with Xavier.

Julie speaks about Kyland and Xavier BB23 confrontation

“All I can remember is my live show producer telling me in my earpiece to ask Kyland to come out. That has happened before, and it’s always because we are live and need to protect the time we have set aside to ask the evicted houseguest questions,” Julie answered when asked about how she was handling it and when she might have had to step in.

Julie was also asked by EW what Kyland was like while they waited on stage together during the commercial break, to which she said, “He was very smiley, sweet, kind, and charming. Beautiful smile.”

As for Kyland possibly insinuating that Xavier and Derek F were playing a cowardly game, Julie disagreed when she addressed that assertion.

“I feel Xavier has been playing an excellent game. He has been following the rules, he’s funny and honest in his diary room sessions, he’s incredibly likable, and my guess is, if he makes it to the final two, he will present his case beautifully.  He is a lawyer. He was made to play this game,” Julie concluded about Xavier.

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We have an update from the Big Brother live feeds here that includes who won Part 2 of the final Head of Household Competition and how the BB23 cast is handling its final few days together in the house.

The Big Brother 2021 finale night is coming up on Wednesday evening (September 29), where Julie Chen Moonves will have two hours to lead the BB23 cast through a recap and conclusion of the season.

The Big Brother 23 winner will be Derek Frazier, Xavier Prather, or Azah Awasum, and one of them is leaving the game with a $750,000 prize. That’s the biggest one in the show’s history, and so is the $50,000 prize that has been set aside for America’s Favorite Houseguest.

Big Brother 23 finale airs Wednesday, September 29 at 9/8c on CBS.