Big Brother live feeds update: Final three ready for finale night, Part 3 of final HOH

Azah On BB23 Finale
Azah Awasum wants to become the Big Brother 23 winner. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother live feeds have not been very busy over the past few days, but there were some significant events happening with the BB23 cast as they approach the end of the season.

The first two parts of the final Head of Household Competition have been played, the memory dinner has taken place, and the only thing left for the final three houseguests is the Big Brother 23 finale night.

But to get there, the final three houseguests still have to survive a few more days, giving them time to either build more trust or for one of them to force a wedge between the other two and plant seeds for the “live” Big Brother finale.

What we might already know is that the BB23 jury roundtable could end up being the most exciting moment during the season finale if things wind up as predictable as some Big Brother fans fear.

Big Brother live feeds updates on the final HOH Competition (spoilers)

Xavier Prather, Derek Frazier, and Azah Awasum participated in Part 1 of the final HOH Competition on Thursday night. Xavier won Part 1, guaranteeing himself a spot in Part 3. That final challenge (Part 3) takes place midway through the Big Brother 23 season finale.

Over the weekend, Azah won Part 2 over Derek F, giving her the other spot in Part 3. This means that the final Head of Household for the season will be either Xavier or Azah. Derek F can now only try to work his magic on the other two houseguests to take him to the end.

Scenarios for the final two on Big Brother 23

It looks like Xavier plans to honor his final two deal with Derek F. If he wins Part 3 on finale night, it seems like Xavier will send Azah to the BB23 jury.

If Azah wins, it is really looking like she would take Derek F. with her. That would certainly give her the best chance at winning, especially since she has a better resume than Derek F. Of course, she is still working on Xavier, all in the hope that he will take her to the end if he is the final HOH.

Xavier’s mood has definitely shifted in the Big Brother house over the past few days, plus it is clear that he is working on Azah. He wants to try to get in her good graces so that she might choose to take him to the final two. This is where Xavier might seize the opportunity to put a wedge between Derek F and Azah.

Unless something drastic shifts the thoughts and opinions that Xavier and Azah are currently working with, it really looks like Derek Frazier could have a spot in the final two. That’s not something we would have predicted would be the end result of The Cookout, but that’s where we are at. Still, things could always change on finale night when the adrenaline is pumping.

More news and notes from Big Brother 23

A new jury interview with Tiffany Mitchell can be watched here. She spoke more about her time in the game and noted that she feels she deserves to still be in the Big Brother house.

There are also some interesting new odds on who will win America’s Favorite Houseguest this summer. There is still time for Big Brother fans to place their votes, and the winner will be announced on the BB23 finale night.

Big Brother 23 airs on CBS during Summer 2021.

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