Big Brother 24 cast reportedly finalized, about to be sequestered

BB23 Cast OTEV
A new Big Brother cast is going to get to meet OTEV in Summer 2022. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother 24 cast is just a few weeks from making their television debut on CBS. The season premiere is slated for Wednesday, July 6, right before the first season of The Challenge USA arrives.

As was already announced by the producers, the BB24 cast will be all-new houseguests, allowing a lot of new blood to show what they can do in the game.

Not every detail about the new season has been revealed yet, so we don’t know what the remodeled house looks like, nor do we know what the Big Brother 2022 theme will entail.

What we do know for sure is that it is almost time for the live season premiere where a lot of excitement is going to take place as Big Brother fans get to know the new cast of characters.

Big Brother 24 cast ready to be sequestered?

According to a new post from Twitter user SpoilerGirl1, who frequently shares details about Big Brother and the soap operas at CBS, the Big Brother 24 cast has been finalized. If everything is finalized, then it means that the producers have decided who is playing the game this summer.

She also stated that they are ready to be sequestered, which means that the producers will scoop up the cast members from their hometowns and put them up in a nice hotel while they go through health screening and protocols. They are also cut off from social media, family, and friends.

And if everything is finalized and the people finally get sequestered, it will be very close to the BB24 cast list getting released. SpoilerGirl1 says that could take place on Wednesday, June 29.

BB24 Info
Big Brother 24 details may have been shared. Pic credit: @SpoilerGirl1/Twitter

More news from the world of Big Brother

A lot has been going on in the lives of former Big Brother houseguests, and that includes babies, weddings, and even appearances on other shows.

Big Brother 19 cast member Jessica Nickson just shared the name of her new baby. This will be the third child that she has had with fellow Big Brother alum, Cody Nickson.

And Bayleigh Dayton from BB20 is also having a baby. She got married to Chris “Swaggy C” Williams from that same season, and they are expecting their baby to arrive very soon.

As for the wedding talk, Christmas Abbott and Memphis Garrett are sharing honeymoon videos after they recently got married. The couple met as members of the BB22 cast and have now exchanged vows.

Stay tuned folks, because it could be a very busy few weeks as concrete information about the Big Brother 2022 season starts coming out. And we can’t wait to see the Julie Chen Moonves house tour.

Big Brother 24 debuts July 6 on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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