Anna Duggar reportedly ‘not certain about future’ with Josh Duggar

Anna Duggar on 19 Kids and Counting.
Anna Duggar is rethinking her future. Pic credit: TLC

Anna Duggar has remained out of sight since Josh Duggar was found guilty of possession and receipt of child pornography.

The last photos of her came as she was exiting the courthouse after Josh was taken into custody.

Many Duggar family members released statements about the verdict, and Anna chose not to voice anything to the public.

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Will Anna Duggar stick by Josh Duggar’s side?

Anna Duggar has always stayed by Josh Duggar’s side, but this time may be different.

According to In Touch Weekly, a source told the publication that Anna is trying to make sense of what is happening. She isn’t “certain about her future” with Josh Duggar, given the amount of time behind bars he is facing.

Her silence is deafening, though. Anna has not publicly commented on anything and only broke her silence since his April arrest to reveal she and Josh had welcomed their seventh child, Madyson.

For now, though, Anna continues to pray for her husband as she sees him as a “fallen man.” In her religion, a fallen man can be redeemed, so she may feel like supporting him will help to get him the salvation he needs.

Is Anna Duggar in contact with the Duggars?

There have been questions about where Anna Duggar and her children were staying. She is with the Duggars, though whether she is in the big house or in the warehouse remains unclear.

Several of Josh and Anna’s children were spotted in the Christmas 2021 videos, and on New Year’s Eve, at least some of their sons were present at the big house for the event.

The source told the publication that Anna was still speaking to Michelle Duggar and some sisters-in-law. She was reportedly angry at the sisters for speaking out, but it seems she has found some common ground with at least some of them. It’s likely Jana and Jessa, both of whom haven’t been too vocal about Josh.

As Anna Duggar thinks about what life will look like post-sentencing for Josh Duggar’s conviction, she has plenty to consider. She shares seven children with Josh, with one of them just a few months old. Walking away and doing it on her own may seem overwhelming, which may give her doubts. Sentencing is reportedly happening in April, so Anna will have a lot to think over until then.

For now, Anna is still in Josh’s orbit.

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1 year ago

I have been in Anna’s shoes my husband of 23 yrs was sent to prison for murder and everyone turned on me like o did it. I was at work like Anna was at home with her family she tried to keep a close eye n Josh but if someone wants to deceive you they will. Why criticize Anna and put her children in the light . Anna I pray for you I stood beside my husband until he filed to set me free I still love him and always will

1 year ago

Who cares about this there are a lot more things going on in the world besides Anna dugger love life