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Anna Duggar reportedly angry at Duggar sisters for speaking out against Josh

Anna Duggar in a confessional.
Anna Duggar isn’t happy with some of the Duggar sisters. Pic credit: TLC

Anna Duggar hasn’t been seen or heard from since she was seen leaving court after Josh Duggar was taken into custody following a guilty verdict. 

The mom-of-seven is reportedly upset with some of her in-laws following their statements about the verdict and some of their harsh critiques of her husband. 

It hasn’t been confirmed, but speculation is that Anna is back in the warehouse home she shared with Josh before his April arrest. 

Who is Anna Duggar upset with? 

Several of Josh Duggar’s sisters, all of whom were his victims, have spoken out about the guilty verdict. Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald had the mildest statement of the bunch, which isn’t surprising given she appears to be the one still closest to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar. 

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo had the harshest words about Josh. It isn’t surprising, given their statement about his arrest was to the point as well. 

According to a source who spoke to In Touch, Anna Duggar is upset that some of the siblings spoke out against their brother. They said, “it broke her heart.” 

That means that Joy-Anna Duggar, Austin Forsyth, Jill Duggar, Derick Dillard, Jinger Duggar, Jeremy Vuolo, Jessa Duggar, and Ben Seewald are likely not on Anna’s good side. 

Some of the siblings did mention Anna and the children in their statements, and Joy-Anna and Austin made it clear when they said, “Anna and her children.”

The source said that the relationships might be salvageable, but only because of her faith. Jill and Derick appear to have sympathy for her and all she is going through, and that was backed up by Derick sitting with her at the trial on various says. 

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Who is Anna Duggar speaking to? 

At this point, the source only claimed to know that Anna Duggar was still speaking with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

She likely has no other choice. Anna has seven children with Josh Duggar, and their new little one, Madyson, is just a few months old. She is likely their last, though, especially if Josh ends up with several years behind bars. 

The Duggars reportedly helped her out while Josh stayed at the Reber house while he was out on bail. It is unclear whether Anna will continue to live in the warehouse or if she will end up in the trailer she purchased from Jim Bob ahead of Josh’s arrest. 

Josh Duggar is waiting on sentencing, which is expected to occur in April 2022.

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  1. Anna should be ashamed. If her pedophile of a husband didn’t touch his sisters they would have nothing to say. Get your children into therapy because I’m sure he touched them too.

    • She is as much a victim as the rest of them. Barely allowed to go to school. Never allowed to have a job. Taught for her entire life all she’s good for is making babies and doing whatever her husband tells her.

    • I don’t understand how she could be with him in the first place knowing he sexually assaulted his sisters? Did she not know until after the marriage? Idk this whole situation is strange

  2. Anna wasn’t even around when the girls were little and Josh molested them so she has not idea how they feel. She needs to get her life back on track as a single women because that s what she is from now on.

    • Well, The top reason she should be mad at him is the fact that he’s a pedophile. Then you can worry about the cheating in the porn, but being a pedophile pretty much takes the cake

  3. Anna should be ashamed! He MOLESTED HIS OWN SISTERS and who know who else? And you name your baby MADISON after the website he was on? You both need help! Sorry, but he deserves to be in prison!

  4. Ugh, excuse you? Your filthy disgusting pedo husband abused them. I would have said a lot more for a lot longer. And I wouldn’t have stopped at him. You too have a mental defect not only be defending him and staying married but by giving him more children. I wouldn’t trust him around any kids and here you’ve been pumping them out of him. Thank the justice system for protecting them and any others he comes into contact with since you certainly weren’t concerned with it.

  5. She has no right to be mad at the sisters, and what about the sisters hearts that were broken again having to re-live the trauma of their own abuse while realizing that their brother had now done even more. Anna, you need to realize everything your husband did before you decide to get mad at your sister in laws for speaking out.

  6. Man boohoo about ur husband he should of got life for doing that to his sisters and that family knew about it and did nothing, i kinda hope that pedophile stays in jail (NO OFFENSE!!)

  7. I’m not trying to be mean here but this sounds like the same kind of woman who will let a man molest their own children while she stands by and does nothing pretending not to know while she continues to support him. Her husband is not the man that she thought he was so God will forgive her for not supporting him and divorcing him. She needs to go on with her life without him. He is a child molester and he will always be one. He molested his own sisters. No doubt that he did something to his own children. Women like this make me so angry. They are unfit to be mothers and her sanity needs to be checked if she puts her child molester husband first.

  8. I’m sorry but ANY woman who chooses to stand by her husband’s side after all he has done is just as sick as he is! I would never even let him look at my kids ever again!!

  9. First of all, this article is vague. Anna is angry at some of her dozens of family members for their comments.

    Since she’s holding onto her faith (and apparently some sick connection to her pedophile husband), maybe she should remember this verse:

    As iron sharpens iron,
    so one person sharpens another.

    Proverbs 27:17 NIV

    Anna, take care of your children. I don’t care if this is offensive. Children need protection. Criminals do not.



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