Madyson may be the last child for Josh and Anna Duggar — Here’s why

Josh and Anna Duggar on 19 Kids and Counting.
Josh and Anna Duggar may be done having children. Pic credit: TLC

Madyson Lily Duggar is Josh and Anna Duggar’s seventh child and was born in October.

She is the fourth little girl for the couple.

As news of Josh Duggar’s guilty verdict sets in, life will change drastically for the couple.

No conjugal visits for Josh and Anna Duggar

Earlier this month, Josh Duggar was found guilty of possession and receipt of child pornography. Each count carries up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

It will be a few months before Josh is sentenced. He is currently in solitary confinement at Washington County Correctional Facility. Following the sentencing, he will be moved to federal prison.

There are no conjugal visits allowed while in federal prison, and it doesn’t matter that Anna Duggar is Josh’s lawful wife, either. Spouses are not permitted private time, which means the couple is likely done having children at this point.

Madyson is likely the last child for Josh and Anna Duggar

Anna Duggar is 33, and she maybe has another decade of child-bearing years. Madyson Lily Duggar was born in October, and based on the Duggar’s belief system about intercourse after a birth, Josh and Anna wouldn’t have been able to get pregnant again before he was put on trial. They believe that you must wait 40 days to have intercourse after welcoming a boy and 80 after welcoming a little girl.

Based on the time Josh is looking behind bars, he may not be released before Anna exits her child-bearing years. While the couple wasn’t going to come close to having as many children as Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, they likely weren’t planning on stopping anytime soon.

Currently, it is unclear where Anna is staying following the verdict. She looked distraught while leaving the courthouse with her husband, as she has spent a lot of time with him since his arrest back in April.

She and Josh were living at the warehouse on the Duggar property, but Josh has lived with Lacount and Maria Reber since his arrest. Anna spent a lot of time at the Reber home and accompanied her husband to his trial every single day.

A lot of change is coming for Josh and Anna Duggar. They may have welcomed their final child without even realizing it. Without conjugal visits, their days of expanding their family are likely over.

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Carrie nunya
Carrie nunya
2 years ago

Everybody already knew he was a goof anyway and Anna the stupid b***h was the one who married him she’s a f*****g idiot