Jana Duggar shows off huge NYE gathering at big house, follower calls her the ‘family Cinderella’

Jana Duggar in a Counting On confessional.
Jana Duggar shared an NYE reel. Pic credit: TLC

As the Duggar family packed the big house full of friends and family for a New Year’s Eve celebration, Jana Duggar was there to create a reel marking the occasion.

The Counting On star shared the reel to social media, showing off some of the NYE activities that her family hosted at their enormous home.

From silly string spraying from the upper level to the lower level to speeches and snacks, it was a full night for the Duggars and their guests.

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Jana Duggar called ‘family Cinderella’

It’s long been known that Jana Duggar is “Cinderella” among Duggar critics. She has been dubbed it repeatedly, and even followers are catching on and using it to describe her duties as the eldest Duggar daughter.

In the comment section of the NYE reel, one follower asked, “Happy new year ? to my favorite family. God bless y’all. Btw who got clean up detail?”

The comment was likely referring to the silly string that was being sprayed from the upper level and the “confetti” thrown down to the lower level.

Another follower responded to the question, saying, “I’m sure it was Jana. She’s the family Cinderella after all!”

Jana comments on IG.
Pic credit: @janamduggar/Instagram

Why do people think Jana Duggar is ‘Cinderella?’

Based on how things run in the Duggar household, Jana Duggar is likely the one who helps with all of the cooking and cleaning now that all of her adult sisters are married with families of their own.

Since the early days of the Duggars being on TV, there have been rules shown to viewers and explained repeatedly. Michelle Duggar had several of the older Duggar daughters in a “buddy system” where they were responsible for their younger siblings. On top of that, they also had jurisdictions (chores) they had to do. The boys were pretty much exempt from household duties, aside from snow removal or lawn maintenance.

Now that Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy-Anna Duggar are all married with their own families, Jana is the only adult daughter in the home. Her next sister in the house is Johannah Duggar, and she just celebrated her 16th birthday not too long ago. Johannah, Jennifer, Jordyn, and Josie all likely help with some of the household things, but many feel that the brunt falls on Jana.

Even though it’s a brand new year, it looks like Duggar critics still feel the same about “Cinderella” Jana.

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1 year ago

No masks, no covid in Arkansas!?

1 year ago

yep, she’s a humble servant and a Princess at the same time, just like Cinderella. How can that be? maybe all yall name callers and judges will turn from your wicked ways, just like santa and his gang on Rudolph hahaha