NCIS spoilers: Is this the last season of NCIS and how many episodes have Mark Harmon? Network responds

NCIS Nick Torres
Agent Nick Torres returns to NCIS after his partner left the team. Pic credit: CBS

NCIS Season 19 tips off very soon, but fans have a lot of questions about what is going to happen this fall on the show.

Recently, a trailer for NCIS Season 19 was released, giving fans a look at what will be covered in the first few episodes. We also have a synopsis for the NCIS season premiere, but none of it really addresses the elephant in the room.

Fans want to know if this is going to be the final season of NCIS and even if it isn’t, people want to know how many episodes Mark Harmon will be in this fall.

CBS Entertainment President Kelly Kahl answered some questions about the future of the show and it certainly shows that NCIS is a big topic of conversation for the network.

CBS addresses rumors about NCIS final season, Mark Harmon

“Mark’s always been part of the show, Mark’s always going to be part of the show. In terms of his on-air appearances, we’re just going to have to see how it plays out going forward,” Kelly Kahl stated, according to a report from Deadline.

This quote from Kahl is shrouded in subtext while also seemingly avoiding a real answer to the question. Maybe he just wants to leave the door open for Harmon to always be the star of the show, but there were recent rumors about Harmon only being in a few episodes this year. Kahl didn’t confirm an episode total for Harmon, either, raising more doubts.

As for rumors that NCIS could get canceled as Season 19 is airing, he told Deadline that it was too early to speculate on the future of the show. That means we will have to wait a bit longer to learn if NCIS Season 20 is going to happen or not.

Taking a deeper look at NCIS in the future

The NCIS cast is going through a lot of changes, especially after the exits that took place during Season 18. Maria Bello (Jack Sloane) left early in the season to work on her own projects overseas. Then, during the season finale, we shockingly saw Agent Ellie Bishop tank her career so that the actress playing her (Emily Wickersham) could move on to other things.

Recently, Wickersham announced that she is pregnant, so we shouldn’t expect her to pop up in a surprising fashion during Season 19.

And there was also a big announcement about the NCIS cast. Actor Gary Cole has joined the show as a new FBI Special Agent Alden Parker, who will be one of the main characters during Season 19. It has led to some fans being worried that he will be taking over for Gibbs (Harmon).

No matter how the cast looks or what the future might hold for the show, the season premiere is now on the near horizon. NCIS Season 19, Episode 1 airs for the first time on Monday, September 20. This will be the first new episode to appear on a Monday night and fans should definitely get used to tuning in for the show on a new night.

NCIS airs Mondays at 9/8c on CBS.

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