New rumors shoot down Mark Harmon’s potential NCIS return

Mark Harmon’s return to NCIS is again a hot topic. Many NCIS fans have grown tired of the rumors, but those same fans would love to see Gibbs leading his team again. The NCIS cast featured Mark as Leroy Jethro Gibbs in NCIS for nearly 19 years. When he decided to leave the show, the


Mark Harmon impersonator scams 82-year-old NCIS fan

Someone posing as NCIS star Mark Harmon recently scammed someone in Georgia. According to the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, an 82-year-old woman was the target of the scam. The impersonator told the woman that she had won an online contest. She then purchased gift cards and sent the person the activation codes, feeling she was


NCIS: New opening credits remove Mark Harmon

The NCIS opening credits for the Season 20 premiere looked a lot different than in the past. For the first 19 seasons of the hit drama, actor Mark Harmon was the first name shown on the NCIS opening credits. So when the episode A Family Matter debuted on Monday night, it was a shock to


NCIS cast: Mark Harmon finally speaks about his exit from show

NCIS star Mark Harmon left the show in the first half of Season 19, making a lot of fans sad that his character was departing. For years, Harmon starred as Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs on the NCIS cast, helping lead the show as it became the most-watched drama on television. Gibbs was the anchor


NCIS rumors: Could Gibbs return for Season 20 episodes?

Among the NCIS rumors that continue to float around social media, is the thought that Mark Harmon could return to play Gibbs in Season 20 episodes. Regarding those rumors, yes, it is entirely possible that Gibbs could pop up again. Harmon remains one of the producers of the show, he is still in contact with