Former NCIS cast member Jamie Lee Curtis leaves beautiful note for Mark Harmon after Gibbs exit

Curtis And Harmon On NCIS 9
Jamie Lee Curtis and Mark Harmon co-starring on NCIS Season 9. Pic credit: CBS

The NCIS cast has seen a lot of notable guest stars over the years, and one of them was definitely Jamie Lee Curtis.

During a series of 2012 episodes in Season 9, Curtis appeared as Dr. Samantha Ryan on the NCIS cast. Within that role, she shared a lot of screentime with Harmon.

In the world of NCIS, Dr. Samantha Ryan is the head of the DOD PsyOps Division. And during her time on NCIS episodes, she was in a relationship with Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

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Curtis and Harmon had some great chemistry on the show and it was one of those TV relationships that seemed like it could last a long time. But at that time, Gibbs was still missing his family, and as we would find out later, he wasn’t really at peace.

Besides, if the on-screen relationship between Ryan and Gibbs had worked out, why might never have experienced the fun of Harmon’s real-life wife joining the NCIS Season 19 cast.

When the news broke about Harmon leaving NCIS, Curtis took the time to share her thoughts on social media.

Jamie Lee Curtis pays tribute to Mark Harmon after time on NCIS cast

“I just read that my friend, Mark Harmon is leaving his leadership position @ncis_cbs. One of the unexpected delights of my varied career was being able to do five episodes opposite him and his team in front of and behind the camera. My favorite line was when I was coming down from his bedroom, ‘Practice makes perfect.’ Certainly worked for him and his Jethro Gibbs character. Well done Harmon. Gary would be/is so proud!” Jamie Lee Curtis wrote on Instagram to caption a picture of her and Mark Harmon.

NCIS Season 19 carries on without Mark Harmon and Gibbs

The episode called Great Wide Open ended shockingly for many NCIS fans. Though there have been a lot of rumors about Mark Harmon leaving NCIS, there was a state of denial taking place for a lot of viewers who didn’t want to actually see him leave the show.

It’s still possible that the character of Gibbs could pop up every now and then to help with an important case or to help CBS present some event television with a new episode of NCIS, but Gibbs is done as a main character on the hit drama.

Mark Harmon is now free to work on other projects, even if he will still be a presence behind the scenes at NCIS and the NCIS spin-offs. Hopefully, when the NCIS series finale arrives at some point, Harmon will want to be involved in it to help send the show out on the right note.

For now, NCIS Season 19 will carry on without Mark Harmon at the head of the cast. A lot of NCIS fans are already guessing that Gary Cole will take over a leadership role after his character at the FBI (Agent Alden Park) got fired on the show. But we will have to tune in to find out what happens next.

NCIS airs Mondays at 9/8c on CBS.

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Gary Vant
Gary Vant
2 years ago

One of the Classiest people ever to grace the Big and Little screen was Bob Hope, Mark. I think he said it better than I ever could,

“Thanks for the memories!”

Jack Lechman
Jack Lechman
2 years ago

My wife and I love NCIS and especially Gibbs.Mark Harmon did an excellent job and will be greatly missed.My wife cried all during the last show.But we realize his wife has been wanting him to slow down and it was great having her on the show.Now Tim we expect you to step up Please don’t retire David McCallum yet.Enjoy some free time.You helped make our lives more enjoyable and May God Bless

Rex Shipman
Rex Shipman
2 years ago

Without Gibbs in it and moving it to Monday they are planning to end it.

Rex Shipman
Rex Shipman
2 years ago

With them moving the show to Monday night & Gibbs leaving the show will be dying shortly