Mark Harmon impersonator scams 82-year-old NCIS fan

Mark Harmon From NCIS
Mark Harmon is attached to a new NCIS spin-off. Pic credit: ©

Someone posing as NCIS star Mark Harmon recently scammed someone in Georgia.

According to the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, an 82-year-old woman was the target of the scam.

The impersonator told the woman that she had won an online contest.

She then purchased gift cards and sent the person the activation codes, feeling she was talking to the real Mark Harmon.

This reportedly happened twice in the span of a few weeks.

WRDW reported that scams against seniors are a big problem in Georgia, where the state ranks No. 9 nationally.

Scam exposed by the daughter of the victim

It was only when the victim told her daughter that she was speaking with Mark Harmon that the scam was uncovered.

Even after the daughter alerted her mother to the scam, she continued believing she was speaking with the real Mark Harmon.

An FBI agent in Georgia stated that three ways to help avoid getting scammed are to never pay in cash, always be wary of online relationships, and never give out your information over the phone.

Mark Harmon is not the only celebrity who has been impersonated recently.

Someone pretended to be Chicago P.D. star Jesse Lee Soffer as well. The actor used to play Detective Jay Halstead on the NBC show. He found out that someone was pretending to be him and his representatives.

More NCIS news

New episodes of NCIS Season 20 are debuting soon on CBS. The show has been on an extended hiatus this spring, but some fresh content is coming out in May.

According to the NCIS episode schedule, a new installment arrives on Monday, May 1. That begins four consecutive weeks of new episodes to wrap up Season 20.

Recently, a cliffhanger about the NCIS season finale was also teased. It led to a lot of buzz on social media about what might happen.

Later, NCIS star Wilmer Valderrama released a video from the set of the show. In the video, Wilmer teased some important facts about the season finale.

No matter what happens in the NCIS season finale, the show is returning for more episodes. CBS ordered NCIS Season 21 to begin airing episodes in the fall.

All prior episodes from NCIS Season 20 are available for streaming on Paramount+. The streaming service is where fans can also watch episodes from NCIS: Los Angeles Season 14.

The final episodes for NCIS: LA are coming up in May, with the show ending after CBS pulled the plug.

NCIS airs Mondays at 9/8c on CBS.

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Want to know
Want to know
6 months ago

Does the real Mark Harmon do favors for people he never really met?