Mark Harmon talks about West Wing, Summer School, Freaky Friday 2, and NCIS in new interview

Mark Harmon up close
Mark Harmon is the narrator for NCIS: Origins. Pic credit: CBS

Actor Mark Harom appeared on the latest episode of The View.

When asked how he had been, Mark said he was “busy” in his answer.

Mark has been making the rounds to chat about his new book about the history of NCIS. And it’s not the show, but rather the real NCIS.

Right out of the gate, Mark was asked about friend and former NCIS co-star Jamie Lee Curtis, who has been talking about a Freaky Friday sequel.

Freaky Friday (the remake) came out in 2003, and it featured Jamie Curtis Lee, Lindsay Lohan, Chad Michael Murray, and Mark Hardmon.

Mark played the love interest of Jamie’s character, and Jamie played the mother of Lindsay’s character.

Mark Harmon on The View

“Well, we have a perfect segue to having you here,” Sara Haines stated as the interview began.

“Last time Jamie Lee Curtis was here, she told us that the sequel to her 2003 hit Freaky Friday is going to happen. You were in the original; we need you to confirm: Will you be in this new one?” Sara asked Mark.

“You know, I think talking to Jamie is where you gotta be on this one, and if she wants it to get done, it’ll get done,” Mark said.

He then stated that they had known each other for a long time and he would be in the film if that’s what she wanted.

The interview then shifted to talk of The West Wing, where he had a four-episode arc in 2002 as a Secret Service Agent.

“With Aaron Sorkin, great words, and he comes at you with kind of an idea, ‘Hey look, we’ve got a detail, it’s a serious threat, don’t know much more than that, you wanna do it?’ And then you show up on set and you have 17 pages of dialogue and your working with Allison Janney, who never makes a mistake. Ever,” Mark went on to state.

He later joked that Allison told him that since they were getting along too well. She then said the writers would kill his character. [spoiler alert] That’s exactly what happened later.

Mark also talked about starring in the film Summer School, directed by Carl Reiner. He joked about all the Summer School kids being 30 years old.

When they began talking about NCIS, the co-hosts noted how long he had played Leroy Jethro Gibbs on the hit CBS show (19 seasons), segueing that to talk about his new book.

Mark co-wrote a book about the origins of NCIS with the technical advisor from the show (Leon Carroll Jr.). That book is called Ghosts of Honolulu: A Japanese Spy, A Japanese American Spy Hunter, and the Untold Story of Pearl Harbor.

More from NCIS

A premiere date for NCIS Season 21 was announced.

The writers and cast members are back to work on new episodes. The strike means a shorter season for NCIS this year, but new episodes are coming.

A star from NCIS: Hawai’i also revealed their production start date, showing how close new content has become.

The news everyone wants to hear is Mark Harmon announcing an NCIS return, but that revelation didn’t come. Yet.

Below is an additional interview NCIS star Mark Harmon did about his new book.

Previous episodes of NCIS featuring Mark Harmon are available for streaming. As are NCIS Season 20 episodes.

NCIS is streaming on Paramount+.

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