NCIS spoilers: Mark Harmon to only appear in a few Season 19 episodes

NCIS Gibbs Boat
Gibbs might be done working on boats during NCIS episodes. Pic credit: CBS

NCIS spoilers about Mark Harmon’s involvement in Season 19 of the show were just revealed.

This is news that will definitely shock and disappoint long-time fans of the show.

There had been many questions about how often Gibbs would appear in Season 19 of NCIS and if Mark Harmon was preparing to leave the show.

Then, when huge NCIS casting news broke last week, it started to feel more real that Gibbs could be riding off into the sunset.

Now, we have some confirmation about how few Season 19 episodes of NCIS Mark Harmon will even appear in.

Is Mark Harmon leaving NCIS during Season 19?

According to a new report from TVLine, “One insider close to the CBS procedural reveals of Harmon’s Season 19 episode count: ‘It’s going to be in the low single digits.’”

That information seems to have been confirmed by a second source, which stated that “the actor will make only ‘a few’ appearances throughout the season.

This is all really sad news for the show’s future, especially since it really confirms that someone new is going to be leading the team that Gibbs was in charge of for nearly 18 years.

The slightly good news is that at least Harmon/Gibbs will appear during Season 19 episodes, even though we won’t see as much of him as we are used to. This certainly seems to continue what happened in the NCIS Season 18 finale when Gibbs’ boat blew up with him inside of it.

What does the future hold for NCIS?

It appears that NCIS producers and CBS hope that viewers will stick around, even if we get to see much less of Mark Harmon on screen.

At least there will be a 19th season of the show, but these huge NCIS spoilers might be the real reason that the show is leaving Tuesday nights on CBS.

This means there is a lot that fans will have to adjust to when the show returns in the fall. It’s going to be a new night, a new time, and the NCIS cast could be going through many changes.

As a reminder, Ellie Bishop left NCIS at the end of Season 18, so that’s another character that viewers aren’t going to see on the small screen. Now, we are likely to see a new person in charge at NCIS as well, so that could be a big shock to the system for loyal viewers.

We could be nearing the end of the line when it comes to new NCIS episodes, but that may depend entirely on the fans. If viewers continue tuning in each week and the ratings remain really strong at CBS, it will increase the potential that NCIS Season 20 could be ordered by the network.

We can’t wait to see what the stories involving Gibbs will look like in Season 19, and we hold out hope that the rest of the NCIS cast will be strong enough to continue carrying the program.

NCIS returns with Season 19 in the fall of 2021 on CBS.

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B. S.
B. S.
2 years ago

Harmon is only reason I watch…

Florida Chatman
Florida Chatman
1 year ago

I have lost interest in the show since Gibbs is not in the show any more .