NCIS recap: Season finale takes show out with a boom

Gibbs And Bishop NCIS
Gibbs and Bishop have always worked well together on the NCIS cast. Pic credit: CBS

The NCIS recap from Tuesday night ends with some questions, especially following what just took place during the episode called Rule 91.

NCIS Season 18, Episode 16 was the season finale, meaning we will not see any new episodes until the fall of 2021. And that’s not going to please many fans.

In the last episode of NCIS, we saw Gibbs and Marcie Warren working a case where they discovered a serial killer was on the loose. It was also where Agent Jessica Knight was introduced to the viewers. Her team was killed during an explosion, and she ended up working with Gibbs’ team to bring the man behind it to justice.

We also saw how close Gibbs was to completing that boat in his basement and it would finally hit the water during the season finale.

NCIS season finale recap

The episode called Rule 91 started at a frantic pace, with Bishop, McGee, and Torres trying to stop some arms dealers. It led to a firefight, where Bishop was able to show off some flashy moves and how adept she was at taking people out with her sidearm. Torres had some questions. So did we.

Later, while the team was investigating the one man who got away, they found guns and a classified NSA file. This led to even more questions, including how that man got hold of classified information.

The NSA let Director Vance know that they suspected that Bishop had leaked the file. Vance met with her, letting her know that he trusted her but would have to suspend her. This meant that Bishop and Gibbs were now on the sidelines.

But that’s where the twists began. Bishop admitted that she did leak the file and she then began to torch her relationships with other members of the NCIS team. But then it was revealed that this was also part of another scheme so that she could go undercover, but those details were mostly a secret.

We got to see the return of Odette Malone, the woman who was watching over Ziva David’s shed. Odette tasked Bishop with a mission that she was ready to take on and we only started learning this information because Torres wasn’t ready to give up on her.

Bishop and Torres shared a kiss toward the end of the episode when he finally caught up to her, but she needed to do this mission to help save innocent Syrian refugees who had been caught up in something. Thus the first major question surfaced and led to fans asking if Bishop is leaving NCIS.

Mark Harmon and Pam Dawber work a case

Elsewhere in the episode, Gibbs and Marcie were working at solving their side case. There were a lot of fun conversations between them, which seemed to be very easy for them to do because Mark Harmon and Pam Dawber (the people who play them) are married in real life.

Gibbs figured out that they had been bugged during the investigation and that the killer was on to them.

We also got to see Gibbs take his boat to the water, which was a culmination of a lot of work that he had put into it.

While he was beginning to boat around, it exploded, hinting that NCIS had just killed off Gibbs. We saw a lifeless body float to the surface… but then it began to swim away.

Did Gibbs fake his death? Is Mark Harmon leaving NCIS? Why couldn’t there be a few more Season 18 episodes?

We will have to wait until the fall to see how this all plays out, but this may have been one of the better season finales that NCIS has put out over the years. It is one of those episodes that is worth a second viewing and hopefully, everyone tuned in live to see all the fireworks.

NCIS returns in the fall of 2021 on CBS.

All episodes of NCIS are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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