Is Agent Bishop leaving NCIS? Emily Wickersham has starred as Ellie Bishop

Bishop On NCIS
Emily Wickersham has been great as Special Agent Eleanor “Ellie” Bishop on the NCIS cast. Pic credit: CBS

The NCIS season finale aired on Tuesday night and it was packed with excitement.

At quite a few different moments, fans were left gasping by what was taking place on the screen. This included the shootout that happened within the first few moments of the episode.

Coming into the night, we all had a lot of questions about whether or not Mark Harmon was leaving NCIS and moving on to other things. With a suspension still looming over him, we all feared Gibbs was leaving NCIS and that someone new would be running his team. Maybe the new character, Agent Jessica Knight?

However, the episode also shifted leaving viewers to worry about Bishop leaving NCIS. When details about her past started getting revealed, those worries seems to be well-founded.

Emily Wickersham has starred as Ellie Bishop for a number of years and many fans call her the “new Ziva” on the show. During the season finale, she sure showed a lot of characteristics that made the character of Agent Ziva David so much fun to watch.

Is Agent Bishop leaving NCIS? Spoilers ahead

The season finale of NCIS was written up to leave a huge cliffhanger that cannot be fully addressed until Season 19 begins in the fall. That’s the small piece of good news – more episodes are coming in the fall when NCIS returns.

Did Gibbs die when his boat blew up? Is Bishop really guilty of being a leak at the NSA and is she really done with all of her new friends and relationships? Are Mark Harmon and Emily Wickersham done with the show?

Wickersham has not hinted at leaving NCIS and there haven’t been any revelations by CBS that her character is leaving the show. That seems to point to Agent Ellie Bishop returning in Season 19, but will we see her in a different light? Could she start working outside of the lines on a revenge tour?

Now that the finale has aired, though, we could soon learn more details about what’s going on, but boy was that an intense cliffhanger for Season 18.

More news from the world of NCIS

NCIS: New Orleans just aired its series finale on Sunday night, bringing an end to the Scott Bakula-led drama. The series closed out with a wedding between Pride and Rita, but many fans were disappointed that CBS decided to cancel the show.

A dramatic season finale of NCIS: Los Angeles also aired on Sunday night. Two of the main characters left NCIS: LA, meaning things are going to look a lot different when Season 13 begins in the fall.

With an opening in the fall schedule at CBS, the network has ordered a new NCIS spin-off to debut. The first teaser trailer for NCIS: Hawaii was also revealed, giving fans a look at what’s to come. It also introduced us all to the lead actress.

NCIS returns for Season 19 in the fall on CBS.

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