NCIS cast: Emily Wickersham (Bishop) shares baby pic, new hair color

Emily Wickersham used to play Eleanor Bishop on the NCIS cast, but now she spends a lot of time doting on her baby boy, Cassius. When actress Cote de Pablo left the NCIS cast (she played Ziva David), Emily was brought in as a new agent that would work on Gibbs’ team. At the end


NCIS star Emily Wickersham (Bishop) gives birth to a beautiful baby

Emily Wickersham, who played Eleanor Raye “Ellie” Bishop on the NCIS cast for a number of years, just gave birth. Cassius Wickersham Dale was born on December 30, and Wickersham has now shared a number of great photos from the big day. The father is actor James Badge Dale and this is their first child together.


Why did Emily Wickersham leave NCIS cast? Agent Ellie Bishop is gone

NCIS fans worried about Emily Wickersham leaving the cast may not realize that Agent Ellie Bishop has already left the show. The last episode for Bishop was the Season 18 finale, where she said goodbye to Nick Torres and went off to work on a secret mission. Wickersham was quick to address the NCIS fans,


NCIS star reveals that she is pregnant with surprise photo

NCIS star Emily Wickersham has revealed that she is pregnant. The great news was just shared and it was something that caught everyone by surprise. As most NCIS fans already know, Wickersham won’t be returning to the cast for Season 19 of the show. During the Season 18 finale, her character, Agent Ellie Bishop, left


Why did Ellie Bishop leave NCIS in the Season 18 finale?

NCIS featured Agent Ellie Bishop for 172 episodes of the show, but her character arc came to an end with the Season 18 finale. For much of the episode, Bishop was in the crosshairs as it seemed like she was being framed for an NSA file that had been leaked. It wasn’t until later that


Is Emily Wickersham leaving NCIS? Agent Ellie Bishop actress speaks out

NCIS star Emily Wickersham has addressed the possible exit of her character, Agent Ellie Bishop, from the show. This is likely going to be really sad news for a lot of NCIS fans who had grown to love Agent Bishop. Especially the fans who loved seeing her with Agent Nick Torres, especially after that kiss


Is Agent Bishop leaving NCIS? Emily Wickersham has starred as Ellie Bishop

The NCIS season finale aired on Tuesday night and it was packed with excitement. At quite a few different moments, fans were left gasping by what was taking place on the screen. This included the shootout that happened within the first few moments of the episode. Coming into the night, we all had a lot