Daniela Ruah from NCIS: Los Angeles shares her happy place

Daniela Ruah NCIS LA Photo
NCIS: Los Angeles star Daniela Ruah still plays Agent Kensi Blye in Season 14. Pic credit: Kevin Lynch/ CBS

Daniela Ruah has finished filming for NCIS: Los Angeles and is enjoying her life outside Hollywood.

Recently, Daniela was at the NCIS: LA wrap party, where cast and crew members celebrated the 14-year drama.

Unfortunately, her long-running show is ending this May, with CBS moving in a different direction.

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In addition to a big two-part series finale for NCIS: LA, the network is rolling out a special televised event that features cast interviews and a look back at the show.

That special is called A Salute To NCIS: Los Angeles, and it is set to debut right after the final episode airs.

And with her work for the show now completed, Daniela has time to relax before her next big project.

Daniela Ruah shares her ‘happy place’

“My happy place… with my pops… before the intensity starts on The Traitors (Portugal) ?,” reads the brief caption shared with two images and a video.

In the first image, Daniela is sitting in a comfortable chair where she can look out on the water. She notes in her hashtags that this is a hotel and that it is also the place where she got married.

And in the video accompanying her post, water is lapping up on the rocks where she is standing.

Daniela Ruah and The Traitors

The Traitors has become a worldwide phenomenon, with the show recently finding lots of success with its first USA cast.

Now, Daniela is part of a version of The Traitors in Portugal, where she is featured in a promo that has already been shared.

For anyone who hasn’t heard about the show, it is a reality competition where a group competes in challenges to win prize money. The twist is that three of those people are Traitors trying to steal the money for themselves.

A new season of The Traitors will also be coming for the USA audience, but the host of that version is actor Alan Cumming.

More news from NCIS

For CBS viewers checking out the new shows, many Fire Country cast members appeared on NCIS over the years. Additional people on the new firefighting drama have also starred in other shows on CBS.

A gossip site has also started some NCIS rumors about cast in-fighting, creating a situation where fans have begun declaring their favorite actor on the show.

In addition to revealing the NCIS: LA end date, CBS has also announced the NCIS Season 20 finale date.

NCIS: Los Angeles airs Sundays at 10/9c on CBS.

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