Dr. Jarrett on Married to Medicine: Who is the dentist?

Dr. Jarrett Manning was a guest star on Married To Medicine last night. She is a friend of existing cast members, as she paid a visit to Contessa alongside Mariah Huq on last night’s episode. Dr. Jarrett and Mariah stopped by Contessa’s house to hear about her double mastectomy, a surgery she had kept secret

Kidz Force: All about Simone and Cecil Whitmore’s start-up on Married to Medicine

Simone Whitmore and her husband Cecil have struggled with their marriage, but it seemed that the stress only increased when Cecil was fired from his job. However, with the Married To Medicine platform and Simone’s dedicated work ethic, the two started working on an app. During last night’s episode of Married To Medicine, Cecil Whitmore

Quad Webb-Lunceford calls husband a liar: Divorce getting worse?

Quad Webb-Lunceford started this season of Married to Medicine by revealing a massive heartbreak. A woman had come forward, claiming that she had cheated with Dr. Gregory Lunceford while he was married to Quad. The news broke that he had supposedly cheated on Quad with another woman, something that Quad herself alluded to during the

Heavenly Kimes cheating scandal: Did her husband really cheat on her?

Heavenly Kimes may have been surprised to learn that her Married To Medicine co-star, Mariah Huq, claimed that Heavenly’s husband Damon had been cheating on her with multiple women. In a screaming match, Mariah claimed she could bring the receipts and prove that he had slept with multiple women. While infidelity is no stranger on

Married To Medicine Damon: Does Mariah have proof he cheated on Heavenly?

Married To Medicine star Damon Kimes films the show with his wife Heavenly, but he probably never expected to be linked to a cheating scandal. During last week’s episode, Mariah Huq claimed that she had receipts to prove that Damon had cheated on his wife several times. She yelled it out loud during an argument


Quad is heartbroken and Dr. Heavenly makes an entrance on Married to Medicine

This week on the Married to Medicine season finale, as the women continue to argue at Toya’s new house Quad is dealing with matters closer to the heart. Quad has been looking after her baby nephew whilst her brother looked for work, but now Mason’s mother Monica has decided to take him back home. She has

Curtis sets the record straight and Quad goes Brazilian on Married to Medicine

This week on Married to Medicine, Curtis sets the record straight about Hawaii at Quad’s Brazilian themed birthday party. Curtis’s absence from Dr. Jackie’s side during the Hawaii trip was the elephant in the room during the group trip. Whereas everyone else was having fun with their partners and even renewing their vows, Curtis stayed home. It