Jackie tries to cope with husband’s cheating as article exposes details of affair on Married to Medicine

Married to Medicine
Dr. Jackie has had a very up and down year as she deals with her husband’s affair on Married to Medicine

This week on Married to Medicine, Dr. Jackie continues to try and deal with Curtis’ cheating even as more lurid details of his affair come to light.

Last week we saw a very emotional Jacqueline Walters tell the other woman that: “Watching the one man I knew loved me unconditionally have made the decision that he made and the way I found out about it, was crushing.”

Tearfully she went on to say: “It was humiliating, there were so many emotions that I went through. The one thing I’ve learned with this is that you don’t stop loving the person.”

Dr. Jackie also voiced her thanks to fans for their support on her Twitter account, saying she was grateful.

Also on this episode, Quad is busy trying to get her new career on track, Toya has a Cook Off for her birthday and Heavenly can’t control her emotions.

Married to Medicine airs Fridays at 8:00 PM on BRAVO.

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