Buffie Purselle on Married to Medicine bio: Age, Instagram and family

Buffie Purselle joined Married to Medicine in Season 7 as a friend of the cast. Buffie first appeared on Married to Medicine Season 7, Episode 4,  titled Ballin’ on a Budget, which aired on Bravo on September 29, 2019. Who is Buffie Purselle? Buffie Purselle is a tax and personal finance expert from Atlanta, Georgia.


Mariah from Married to Medicine: How old is she and what is her net worth?

Mariah Huq is a TV host and producer, author, actress, and philanthropist. She is best known as the creator and executive producer of Bravo’s reality TV series Married to Medicine on which she also plays a recurring role. If you have been watching Married to Medicine, which returned to Bravo for Season 7 in September,

Dr. Britten Cole: Who is anesthesiologist on Married to Medicine cast?

During last night’s finale of Married To Medicine, Andy Cohen revealed that the ladies are getting some new friends as Bravo is airing Married To Medicine: Los Angeles this spring. And that’s when Contessa Metcalfe revealed that her best friend, Dr. Britten Cole, was going to be on the show. But who is the anesthesiologist,

Vital Honey on Married to Medicine: What is ‘sexual enhancement’ supplement?

Vital Honey surfaced once again during the Married To Medicine reunion special — after previously being brought up by Dr. Eugene Harris during a cast trip this year. The reunion episode saw Dr. Harris give some of the expensive “supplement” to Andy Cohen, explaining how it is meant to naturally increase your testosterone, and “get you

Married to Medicine moves from Sundays to Saturday nights

Married To Medicine is moving to Saturdays. Bravo has made the decision to move the show to Saturdays instead of Sundays after The Real Housewives of Atlanta premiered last weekend on Sundays. It’s currently in the middle of the season and with the news that the show is moving airtimes, Bravo also released a brand

Married to Medicine’s Simone and Cecil: Here’s the latest

Dr. Simone Whitmore and her husband Cecil have had quite the year. During the couples’ trip to Antigua on last night’s episode of Married To Medicine, Cecil explained that they had worked on their marriage and they were now in a different place. Just last year, the two contemplated divorce, and Simone actually filed. During