Vital Honey on Married to Medicine: What is ‘sexual enhancement’ supplement?

Andy Cohen on Married To Medicine
Andy Cohen got some Vital Honey on last night’s reunion special of Married To Medicine. Pic credit: Bravo

Vital Honey surfaced once again during the Married To Medicine reunion special — after previously being brought up by Dr. Eugene Harris during a cast trip this year.

The reunion episode saw Dr. Harris give some of the expensive “supplement” to Andy Cohen, explaining how it is meant to naturally increase your testosterone, and “get you in the mood”.

According to one website that sells Vital Honey, in older men it can “increase sexual desire” and also “strengthens the erection without feeling tired”.

Meanwhile, in younger men it can apparently “elongate orgasm” and prevent premature ejaculation.

As mentioned on Married To Medicine, the product contains extracts, including the Malaysian herb, Eurycoma Longifolia — which is claimed to improve sexual performance. The product also includes minerals and oils that are said to help boost metabolism, such as cinnamon.

However, the product comes with health warnings, and in 2017 the U.S. Food and Drug administration advised consumers not to purchase a similar product, branded as Royal Honey VIP, as it was said to contain tadalafil, the active ingredient in erectile dysfunction drug Cialis — which can lower blood pressure to dangerous levels if mixed with some prescription drugs.

Andy Cohen certainly didn’t seem too eager to try it out.

Married To Medicine is done for the season, but Andy teased that a new Los Angeles franchise is starting up soon on Bravo.

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