Surprise breast cancer survival photo shoot for Jackie on Married to Medicine

This week on Married to Medicine, Quad surprises Jackie with a cancer charity photo shoot. Dr. Jackie is a twice survivor of breast cancer and the subject is close to her heart. Quad arranges a photo shoot to celebrate Jackie beating the disease and to also raise some cash for a good cause. Jackie is moved

Trouble in paradise as Married to Medicine couples hit Hawaii

This week on Married to Medicine, the couples head to Hawaii to celebrate Simone and Cecil’s anniversary but will it all go to plan? Simone and Cecil might be expecting to relax in paradise as they celebrate another year but bringing along the other couples might not be so conducive to chilling out. There is tension when


Genise and Heavenly clash and Simone looks for her missing dad on Married to Medicine

On this episode of Married to Medicine – Genise and Heavenly clash at the party and Simone is searching for her missing dad. More trouble at a social event, this time Mariah’s rather ironically titled new-beginnings party where Genise and Heavenly start arguing. From bitch calling, to dissing one another’s appearance to saying they belong

Simone and Quad talk babies on Married to Medicine

On this episode of Married to Medicine there are repercussions for everyone after Lisa Nicole’s party and Quad gets advice on having a baby from Simone. Lisa Nicole’s party continues to bear rotten fruit as exactly who said what about who starts to come out. Simone and Quad also have a bit of a chat

Babies and the IRS on Married to Medicine Season 4 premiere

The Season 4 premiere of Married to Medicine sees Quad with a baby in the house, Toya having IRS problems and Lisa Nicole talking happy families. Lisa Nicole reckons having another child with her husband will give their marriage a real opportunity to grow, but Heavenly is not convinced. Later Toya finds she has a