Babies and the IRS on Married to Medicine Season 4 premiere

Married to Medicine season 4 cast
Season 4 of Married to Medicine starts tonight and looks like there is plenty of drama in store

The Season 4 premiere of Married to Medicine sees Quad with a baby in the house, Toya having IRS problems and Lisa Nicole talking happy families.

Lisa Nicole reckons having another child with her husband will give their marriage a real opportunity to grow, but Heavenly is not convinced.

Later Toya finds she has a huge IRS bill, running to hundreds of thousands of dollars. How will she pay it?

Quad’s brother has arrived and brought his girlfriend and baby for an extended stay. How will the glamorous businesswoman and socialite cope with being an auntie?

Also this season, Dr. Jackie Walters is focusing on her career but her husband is maybe a little less keen…

The reality show tracks the lives of women who are either doctors themselves or married to one.

Watch Married to Medicine – New Beginnings at 9 PM on BRAVO.

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