Simone and Quad talk babies on Married to Medicine

Married to Medicine - Quad and Simone chat pregnancy
Simone offers Quad some baby advice as a friend and doctor on Married to Medicine

On this episode of Married to Medicine there are repercussions for everyone after Lisa Nicole’s party and Quad gets advice on having a baby from Simone.

Lisa Nicole’s party continues to bear rotten fruit as exactly who said what about who starts to come out.

Simone and Quad also have a bit of a chat about babies and Simone tries to get Quad to consider having one sooner rather than later. But Quad seems defensive and later says to camera that if her man ever bails on her she’ll be prepared.

Also on this episode Genise speaks freely about Heavenly and everyone is invited to the new-beginnings party Mariah is hosting.

Watch Married to Medicine – Forecast: Clouds With a 100% Chance of Shade at 9 PM on BRAVO.

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