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Genise and Heavenly clash and Simone looks for her missing dad on Married to Medicine

Married to Medicine women argue at party
Mariah’s party was all about new starts but it all gets nasty fast in Married to Medicine

On this episode of Married to Medicine – Genise and Heavenly clash at the party and Simone is searching for her missing dad.

More trouble at a social event, this time Mariah’s rather ironically titled new-beginnings party where Genise and Heavenly start arguing. From bitch calling, to dissing one another’s appearance to saying they belong in the gutter…it hits the fan over dinner!

Toya is having mixed luck with her relationships as her and Lisa seem to get more distant, but she meets up with Mariah with the pair hoping to bury the hatchet.

Also this week, Simone gets hold of some family members in the hope of finding her dad…who is missing.

Watch Married to Medicine – Her Father’s Daughter at 9 PM on BRAVO.

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