Surprise breast cancer survival photo shoot for Jackie on Married to Medicine

Married to Medicine breast cancer photo shoot
The ladies surprise Jackie with a photo shoot to celebrate her beating cancer on Married to Medicine

This week on Married to Medicine, Quad surprises Jackie with a cancer charity photo shoot.

Dr. Jackie is a twice survivor of breast cancer and the subject is close to her heart. Quad arranges a photo shoot to celebrate Jackie beating the disease and to also raise some cash for a good cause.

Jackie is moved and says: “Now my heart is melting, because remember I put them out and now they are paying it forward and they are giving back.”

“How can I be angry any more, I’m going to let it go. But you better drop all your shirts and take your pictures right now.”

Later back in Atlanta, Mariah says exactly what she thinks about Quad and Jackie tries to fix her marriage.

It was evident from Jackie’s husband not with her on the break that something was going wrong. He’d expressed his worries that Jackie never relaxes and is always working. Indeed, the very act of working extra hours for the trip to Hawaii caused even more problems.

Will they be able to work out now that Jackie has a different perspective post-therapy sessions?

Watch Married to Medicine – Coconut Bras and Brawls at 8:00 PM on BRAVO.

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