Therapy in Hawaii for couples as Jackie cuts a lonely figure on Married to Medicine

Married to Medicine
Jackie talks about why her husband is missing in Married to Medicine

This week on Married to Medicine, the trip to Hawaii continues as the couples decide to take some therapy.

Jackie is still struggling to cope with coming on her own and as the couples all decide to try some therapy it is looking less like a holiday than ever.

It seems Jackie’s husband is looking for her to relax a bit more, spending some quality time together. But when she started working extra hours to afford the Hawaii trip that just made things worse and he decided to stay home.

Jackie's husband Curtis struggles with her work load
Jackie’s husband Curtis struggles with her work load

Last week the trip to paradise got off to a rocky start when two of the women kept everyone waiting and then complained when everyone else went to bed.

Now it seems that was the least of some people’s worries as problems in marriages come to the surface and the reason for Jackie’s husband not coming becomes apparent.

Could a traditional Hawaiian luau (party) be just the thing to bring everyone back together?

Catch Married to Medicine – Hawaii Five – Uh Oh at 8 PM on BRAVO.

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