Trouble in paradise as Married to Medicine couples hit Hawaii

Mariah Huq and Lisa Nicole Cloud
The other women are kept waiting as they enjoy drinks in Hawaii on Married to Medicine

This week on Married to Medicine, the couples head to Hawaii to celebrate Simone and Cecil’s anniversary but will it all go to plan?

Simone and Cecil might be expecting to relax in paradise as they celebrate another year but bringing along the other couples might not be so conducive to chilling out.

Mariah Huq and Lisa Nicole Cloud
Mariah Huq and Lisa Nicole Cloud are late for drinks

There is tension when Mariah Huq and Lisa Nicole Cloud keep the rest of the ladies waiting as they take their time changing clothes.

The others are all set to head out and some of them are pretty tired too, so the lateness rubs some existing wounds and soon there are little digs flying back and forth.

Watch Married to Medicine – Hawaii Five Solo at 8/7c on Bravo.

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