Toya Bush-Harris and her husband Eugene from Married to Medicine: High net worth couple’s Atlanta house is ‘totally amazing’

Toya Bush-Harris and husband Eugene'smansion
Married to Medicine’s Toya Bush-Harris and husband Eugene’s Atlanta mansion. Pic credit: Bravo/YouTube.

Toya Bush-Harris and her husband Eugene from Married to Medicine recently moved into their new home, a sprawling mansion in Atlanta. The couple gave their friends, Dr. Simone Whitmore and her husband Cecil, a tour of their new home, and their guests were amazed.

In a video posted on Bravo’s website, Simone’s husband, Cecil, who is a real estate broker, expressed amazement after seeing the stunning property.

“As a real estate agent, I have to say this house is totally amazing,” he said. “This house is perfect for the Bush-Harris empire… but if things don’t work out, I can sell it.”

But Toya hinted that the house won’t be on the market anytime soon.

“There is not a thing about this home that I don’t love,” she said.

Toya told Bravo that their first home was much more modest and that she and her husband patiently waited many years to be able to afford the house.

They faced major financial challenges and hardship due to owing hundreds of thousands of dollars in back taxes, but they were able to overcome the challenges through a strict budget that allowed them to save.

“This has been a long time coming; we have been waiting so many years to get where we are now,” she said. “When Eugene became a physician, our first house was not in the millions.”

Toya and Eugene’s house is a magnificent 9,000-square-feet mansion with six bedrooms, six bathrooms, and an outdoor pool.

One of the major highlights of the house is Toya’s two-story closet.

The house also has a sprawling basement man cave, equipped with a marble bar. There is also a gleaming “all-white kitchen,” and a luxurious master bathroom that is accessed by twin leather sliding doors.

“All that budgeting, that good old saving… it worked,” Toya said.

Married to Medicine airs on Bravo on Sundays at 9/8c.

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