Kidz Force: All about Simone and Cecil Whitmore’s start-up on Married to Medicine

Simone and Cecil Whitmore
Simone and Cecil Whitmore have started a new company called Kidz Force. Pic credit: Bravo

Simone Whitmore and her husband Cecil have struggled with their marriage, but it seemed that the stress only increased when Cecil was fired from his job. However, with the Married To Medicine platform and Simone’s dedicated work ethic, the two started working on an app.

During last night’s episode of Married To Medicine, Cecil Whitmore revealed that he hoped they would be further along with the app than they were at the time. But what is this app he’s referring to?

Simone and Cecil Whitmore launched Kidz Force, an app that aims to build a stronger community by having kids to chores and getting paid for them. The chores aren’t just for the parents, but also for neighbors and friends.

Kidz Force’s mission statement is “to provide a next-generation tool that helps instill the traits and skills necessary to empower kids to become “Real World Ready”. Our vision is to build a successful group of reliable and responsible (both personally and fiscally) hard-working KIDZ that develop an entrepreneurial spirit at an early age.”

Essentially, the app is to get your children active and helping around the house. The app encourages entrepreneurship and encourages children to help their neighbors with chores, tasks, and even walking the dogs or caring for pets.

On Kidz Force’s website, Simone and Cecil outline different kinds of chores for different age groups, including pulling weeds, getting the mail, taking out the trash, putting toys away, cleaning out the fridge, and putting away groceries.

The children are paid for their work by neighbors and other individuals who receive these services. Rather than getting paid in cash, the money is transferred via the app into the parents’ bank accounts.

The app is in the app store and the website is live, but there’s no indication that the Kidz Force business is successful. It’s possible that Cecil wanted the app to be further along, so they could use Married To Medicine to promote it. However, it seems that he has run into a few issues along the way that are hopefully resolved now.

Dr. Simone Whitmore decided to divorce her husband, Cecil, last fall, but she later changed her mind. The two are now working on their marriage.

The Whitemores have two sons, Miles, 19 and Michael, 15. They have been married for 21 years and they first met while she was a student at Spelman College. They are currently still together and they are working on their marriage – and working on their app.

Married To Medicine airs on Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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