Quad is heartbroken and Dr. Heavenly makes an entrance on Married to Medicine

Quad on Married to Medicine
Quad is devasted her nephew is going home, she knows she’s not his mum but we reckon she wishes that she was

This week on the Married to Medicine season finale, as the women continue to argue at Toya’s new house Quad is dealing with matters closer to the heart.

Quad has been looking after her baby nephew whilst her brother looked for work, but now Mason’s mother Monica has decided to take him back home. She has grown very close to her nephew and in emotional scenes she tells Monica that she’s will do all she can to help and support Mason.

After Monica leaves Quad tearfully explains that it is about making sure that “this young black boy is setup for success.”

Meantime, Dr. Heavenly makes a dramatic arrival to the party in an ambulance and has her husband revive her with a kiss. She’s making about the Dr. Jackie and her husband Curtis that love is all you need, in the hope the pair can fix their marital problems.

Dr. Jackie is also getting close to finishing her book and shares some passages from it.

Watch Married to Medicine – Breast Friends at 8: PM on BRAVO.

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