Married To Medicine Damon: Does Mariah have proof he cheated on Heavenly?

Heavenly Kimes and Damon Kimes
Heavenly Kimes and Damon Kimes are married, but he’s being targeted by cheating rumors. Pic credit: Bravo

Married To Medicine star Damon Kimes films the show with his wife Heavenly, but he probably never expected to be linked to a cheating scandal.

During last week’s episode, Mariah Huq claimed that she had receipts to prove that Damon had cheated on his wife several times.

She yelled it out loud during an argument after Heavenly had tried to give Mariah a poor apology for drawing on her poster at the Season 5 reunion special.

Unlike some of the other husbands on Married To Medicine, there is no online proof that Damon Kimes has cheated on his wife Heavenly.

If there is proof that he cheated, it’s possible that it’s screenshots of conversations or pictures that have yet to be made public.

Mariah claims she can prove that he has cheated, so either she found out herself, or someone has told her that he’s been unfaithful.

At this point, nothing is confirmed and it seems to be pure speculation — at least until she shows the receipts.

If Damon has cheated on his wife, his infidelity won’t be the first one on Married To Medicine. In fact, many of the husbands have cheated on their wives.

On this season of Married To Medicine, marriages are crumbling. Dr. Simone Whitmore is working on getting her marriage back on track after trust issues, which has been extensively featured on the show.

Dr. Jacqueline Walters learned that her husband was cheating on her, but she chose to work through their issues. Mariah Huq has previously admitted that her husband had cheated on her but she chose to work through it.

The biggest shocker is definitely Dr. Gregory Lunceford’s cheating, which was exposed on last Sunday’s episode of Married To Medicine. Quad Webb-Lunceford has confirmed that she has filed for divorce from her husband.

The second biggest cheating scandal to hit the show is former star Lisa Nicole Cloud, who kept denying that her husband was cheating.

Last year, she made headlines for supposedly telling her husband Darren to break up with his mistress.

Married To Medicine airs on Bravo on Sunday nights at 8/7c.

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