Quad and Gregory Lunceford divorce on Married To Medicine: Everything you need to know

Quad Webb-Lunceford
Quad Webb-Lunceford reveals she’s divorcing her husband on Sunday’s episode of Married To Medicine. Pic credit: Bravo

Married To Medicine star Quad Webb-Lunceford has filed for divorce from her husband, Gregory.

When they first joined Married To Medicine, it was clear that he really wanted to start a family. Quad kept telling him that their two dogs were plenty of them at the moment, as she worked to start a dog-clothing business for smaller dogs. However, as the years went by, Greg desperately wanted a child.

While Quad may have considered giving her husband a child, it became clear that he needed something more in the marriage. Perhaps Quad wasn’t fulfilling his needs, as he was later accused of cheating on her. For her co-stars, it seemed that Quad had mentally checked out of her marriage months prior to the cheating allegations, as documented on the show.

It was later revealed that Gregory may have cheated on Quad with another woman. She told her story to All About The Tea, revealing that he had acted single, never told her he was married and had even engaged in sexual activities with her. The mistress’ name was Jackie Presley and she didn’t hold back when telling her story. She denies that she ever tried to extort him after they hooked up.

“He said it [his relationship] was complicated. My girl told me he was single. No ring on. He would talk in code like, ‘Have you ever felt unwanted.’ He was nice, just seemed like he needed attention. We stayed in communication and decided to go out again. He took me to nice luxurious places for dinner, clubbing etc,” she explains, revealing he was more than willing to dish out money.

“I gave him head [oral sex], and he gave me head too. His d*ck was tiny…shorter than my pinky! He tried to get on me and I’m like, ‘Where is your condom.’ He went to get one from the store, then he changed his mind when he got back. He seemed nervous and told me to enjoy the hotel…he had to leave. The next day the bill came and I saw his whole name. I googled him and saw that he wasn’t single, and on Married to Medicine. I was appalled and upset that the guy I was seeing wasn’t available.”

Based on her story, it sounds like she was the one who told Quad about what had happened between Gregory and her during a night at a hotel. Her story was published in March, meaning it would still be another six months before Quad would make it official.

Quad confirmed to Bravo in September that she had indeed filed for divorce. She justified her decision based on the cheating, but also on the fact that she had tried to make it work. Quad explained that while she wanted her husband to listen to her, she felt she was working with a brick wall and was getting nowhere.

As for Gregory, he maintains he never cheated on Quad. As fans will see on Married To Medicine, Quad’s co-stars will learn about the divorce on social media. Since the cheating was exposed, Quad has distanced herself from her co-stars, revealing that she’s good at dealing with her own personal issues on her own time.

Since the divorce filing is rather new, little is known about what Quad is demanding of her husband. However, Gregory has asked Quad for spousal support. Even though he’s a working doctor, he wants Quad to support him. The papers do not reveal how much she makes from filming Married To Medicine or what their assets are at present time.

Married To Medicine airs Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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