Quad Webb-Lunceford calls husband a liar: Divorce getting worse?

Quad Webb-Lunceford
Quad Webb-Lunceford just called her estranged husband out on Twitter after cheating scandal. Pic credit: Bravo

Quad Webb-Lunceford started this season of Married to Medicine by revealing a massive heartbreak. A woman had come forward, claiming that she had cheated with Dr. Gregory Lunceford while he was married to Quad.

The news broke that he had supposedly cheated on Quad with another woman, something that Quad herself alluded to during the season 5 reunion of Married To Medicine.

When this season of Married To Medicine began, fans could see that Quad and her husband were not speaking. While still living in the same house, Quad had lost all respect for him. She has since filed for divorce.

On Twitter, one user pointed out that Gregory should stop lying about his estranged wife. He’s been accused of saying that he didn’t go to church with his wife, even though Quad reveals that they went all the time. She called out her estranged husband, Dr. Gregory Lunceford, for lying and reminded him that he had lost out.

If he did cheat on her, Quad wants him to know that he has lost – not just her, but also everything they had together. It sounds like Quad Webb-Lunceford’s divorce from her husband is getting messy.

Earlier this summer, Dr. Gregory filed for spousal support, even though he’s the working doctor in the home. Quad has always been a stay-at-home wife, working on launching a side business. The two have no children.

Gregory has denied cheating on his wife, but there are speculations that he had some sort of resentment toward her. On Married To Medicine, he kept begging his wife to have children and start a family.

Dr. Heavenly previous guessed that the reason why Quad and her husband were having marital difficulties was due to the lack of children.

Married To Medicine airs on  Sunday nights at 8/7c on Bravo.

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