Dr. Heavenly suggests Quad’s marriage problems might be due to lack of child on Married to Medicine

Married to Medicine
Quad is unimpressed with Heavenly’s topic of conversation on Married to Medicine

This week on Married to Medicine, Dr. Heavenly Kimes really puts her foot in it when she say that Quad Webb-Lunceford’s marriage issues could be due to the lack of a child.

Heavenly, Quad and Contessa Metcalfe are all in the hotel room when they start talking about Quad’s marriage problems and why her husband is acting the way he is. Quad says she’s doing her part and a lot more in the marriage and all she is asking for in return is the bare minimum in the shape of some appreciation.

Heavenly replies that maybe there is something deeper with him and that with him being nearly 50-year-old and Quad not giving him a baby, maybe his behaviour is his form of retaliation. Quad reacts badly and heads to the restroom as Heavenly asks for her to take it in love.

Heavenly on the bed
Heavenly on the bed and digging herself a deeper hole with every word

However, Contessa is equally unimpressed with Heavenly’s comments and asks her how she knows that Quad can even have kids. Heavenly does not back down though and continues to stay on the topic until Contessa tells her to “shut the f**k up!’

Also on this episode the women show off their dancing skills and there is a forgiveness ceremony.

Married to Medicine airs on Fridays at 8:00 PM on Bravo.

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