Curtis sets the record straight and Quad goes Brazilian on Married to Medicine

Quad Married to Medicine
Quad celebrates her birthday with some Brazilian flair on Married to Medicine (Instagram)

This week on Married to Medicine, Curtis sets the record straight about Hawaii at Quad’s Brazilian themed birthday party.

Curtis’s absence from Dr. Jackie’s side during the Hawaii trip was the elephant in the room during the group trip. Whereas everyone else was having fun with their partners and even renewing their vows, Curtis stayed home.

It turned out he was annoyed at all the extra work Jackie had been doing to pay for the trip, which only added to his feeling that she works far too much and never relaxes.

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At Quad’s Brazilian birthday bash some of the women pull him about not coming to Hawaii, but he’s quick to defend himself. Curtis tells them that he didn’t leave his wife, his wife left him.

This goes down as well as you would expect with Jackie. Will they be able to sort out their marriage problems?

Meantime, Quad is celebrating her birthday in style and bares plenty of flesh in her racy Brazilian carnival outfit…nobody could call Quad shy that’s for sure!

Also on this episode, Tony and Eugene are set to move and Lisa Nicole and Heavenly prep for their relationship conference.

Watch Married to Medicine – Brazilian Bombshells at 8 PM on BRAVO.

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