Love During Lockup exclusive: Talsey calls Santiba

Love During Lockup couple Talsey and Santiba were done before they even got started. After months of communication and sending money, Santiba learned that Talsey was released and was with another woman. She called his mom to get his clothing size ahead of her trip to see him, and that’s when she got the news


Love During Lockup: Max’s ‘friend’ is on trial for murder

Things haven’t been going so well for Max on Love During Lockup. His story is unlike any other this season, as he lives with one girl and is talking to two other inmates. Max lives with and films for OnlyFans with Alessa but joined the show with Tara. He was ghosted by Tara and then


Love During Lockup: Santiba learns the heartbreaking truth

Love During Lockup couple Santiba and Talsey have been iffy since the beginning. She has been all in, sending him money, planning to meet him following his release before he heads to the halfway house, moving to Georgia, and doing everything she can to assist him while he’s locked up. Recently, Talsey told Santiba that


Love During Lockup exclusive: Indie meets Harry’s sister

Love During Lockup’s Indie has picked up her life and moved to Ohio to be with Harry, her inmate boyfriend. After consulting her psychic, she decided it was the right move for herself and her daughter. Indie had a conversation earlier this season with Harry about meeting his family, and he warned her about his


Love During Lockup exclusive: Indie worries about connecting with Harry’s family

Love During Lockup is taking WEtv viewers by storm. The Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup spin-off is making waves because of the wild stories and polarizing personalities. Indie and Harry are one of the couples who viewers are interested in knowing more about. Her mom is a bounty hunter, and she isn’t keen


Love During Lockup fans had entertaining reactions to the new cast

Love After Lockup’s hit new WeTV spinoff Love During Lockup focuses on the budding relationship of people outside of prison and their incarcerated partners. The premiere episode evoked some entertaining reactions from viewers on social media. The stressful and bizarre nature that these cast members have with their significant other behind bars makes for some