Love During Lockup star Max K says he’s not surprised to be ‘the most hated cast member’

Max K Love During Lockup
Max K stated to Love During Lockup viewers that he is “the most hated” so far and used his social media to talk about it. Pic credit: WEtv

Love During Lockup has been received wildly by viewers who are loving and cringing at the drama unfolding for the people in relationships with inmates, and cast member Max K seems to think he is the most hated.

Max has started a relationship with 37-year-old Tara, who is locked up on charges of possession of narcotics and opiates.

During the premiere episode, 24-year-old Max introduced himself as having a 45-minute beauty routine every day, wanting a long-term relationship, and intending to date an incarcerated woman to spice up his life.

It appears that Max has been fielding a lot of criticism online because he felt the need to go on the offense and label himself as the most hated cast member. He then went on to dispel several rumors that have been circulating about him.

Love During Lockup’s Max says he’s ‘the most hated’ cast member, dispeled rumors

Max shared a selfie on Instagram throwing up a peace sign and used his caption to let followers know that he thinks he is the least-liked cast member.

Max wrote, “I am not surprised that I am by far the most hated cast member on #loveduringlockup however some of the things people are starting to say are getting pretty insane.”

He went on to address some rumors he has been hearing about himself by stating, “1. I’m not gay nor have I ever done anything sexual with men. Having a skincare routine does not make a man gay. 2. I am not a serial killer just because my morning routine reminds you of Patrick Bateman from American Psycho… and no I don’t have lip fillers lol. 3. Yes, I am both a vampire and a reptilian like @zuck and Edward from twilight.”

He finished by saying, “Feel free to comment below any other questions and I’ll do my best to answer them in a timely manner as long as they don’t spoil the show.”

Love After Lockup fans are loving the new Love During Lockup spinoff

As Season 3 of Love During Lockup followed by Season 3 of Life After Lockup came to an end, Love During Lockup premiered at a time when fans were craving more drama.

An all-new cast, slightly different premise, and familiar ridiculousness have made Love During Lockup popular with franchise fans and has garnered hilarious reactions on social media.

Love During Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WEtv.

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